Black Metal – Your New Favourite Genre?

My Top 5 Black Metal Bands

Since we’ve been listening to Homerik all this week, it’s been hard to get black metal off the mind. Here is a quick list of some of the best bands of the genre that we recommend!

Carach Angren

If vast, orchestral arrangements, and lyrics about anything and everything dark and demonic are your thing then Carach Angren is the band for you! Very popular with the more hard core fans of the genre as well.


Eclectic, melodic band from Finland. Their track For Thirteen Moons is a real journey through music, combining delicate acoustic finger picking with vast, sweeping guitar parts and gut wrenching vocals. Definitely on the more melodic side of the fence.

Dimmu Borgir

One of Norways better known bands, Dimmu Borgir have been blazing the black metal trail for a long time now. Less orchestral with their arrangements than Carach Angren and leaning more towards the power metal side of things.


Less commercially successful than some of the other bands on this list, their sound is a lot more raw and to the point. Epic breakdowns, drumming and riffs that will blow your mind.


German black metal veterans Nachtblut have one of the most distinctive sounds of the genre. Hints of German folk decorate the hard, chugging guitars giving Nachtblut a very melodic sound. The breakdowns in Lied Für die Götter are not to be missed either!



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