Cholesterol Jones’ ‘Satan’s In Heaven’ Pokes Fun At The Worlds Current Situation


For many people, the election of Donald Trump as the US president was a hard-hitting realisation, and maybe one of the stronger disbelievers in Trump is Folk artist Cholesterol Jones.

Yes, 2017 will be a year where many unexplained things occurred, however, Cholesterol Jones’ brand new EP is something that doesn’t need explaining.



The lead track (which is also the title of the EP) ‘Satan’s in Heaven’is a strong and fantasticality current tune, which is sure to send you the message it was originally intended to.

The song opens with a mid tempo beat, with a soft clean guitar riff conjoining with the instrumentation throughout, the vocals are the main feature, giving audiences their first taste of Cholesterol Jones in his full motion.

The track has lyrical relevance, with the subject focusing on the idea of Trump’s election having a massive negative impact on the current world.

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JohnLikeJohn’s ‘Vegans Are Evil Too’ Will Resonate With The Avante Garde Folk Music Lover In All Of Us




With his soft and tender music style, JohnLikeJohn will grab you by the hand and take you to a dimension full of interesting and vibrant beings, and he’s one step closer with the upcoming release of his brand new EP, ‘Vegans Are Evil Too’.

JohnLikeJohn has been compared to greats such as Tom Waits, Robert Wyatt and the fantastic Joanna Newsom, which fits the gloomy yet slightly satirical style JohnLikeJohn writes with.

Bringing in elements from all of his favourite artists such as Divine David and The Velvet Underground, he is able to create brand new sounds and a unique. The new EP provides an insight into the intricately constructed mind that JohnLikeJohn writes with, appearing as an innocent, polite guy, Johns real emotion lies within his music, which you can clearly hear in songs such as ‘I Am Scared Too’ and ‘Vegans Are Evil Too’.

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Kalibé Look to the Moon for Inspiration on Latest Album

The title of world music collective Kalibe’s latest release is also the name of its lead protagonist, India, whose name, romantically, translates into English as India Mae of the Moon. Spiritual in the very strictest sense of the phrase, India and the assorted musicians have looked to nature for their inspiration and the collection of songs they have delivered are the perfect antidote to your everyday stresses and worries.

This is all the more remarkable as not a word is in English. Their album is mainly in Portuguese, even though there are songs and bits in traditional dialects. Mae da Lua has been investigating tribal dialects for many years and can speak quite a few.

For example the song “Punu-Punu” is in the native language used by the Kamayuras tribe (from the Amazonian basin); in the song “Poção Musistica” there are parts in Tupi-Guarani (from the Amazon region) and also in Sanskrit and Hebrew.

Their first album was recorded n Burkina Faso, where, apart from colonial French, there are many dialects instead of a common language. This fact is reflected in their songs: there are 3 main dialects: Djoula, Morè and Poule – other parts are in French and one song is in the Sicilian dialect, which differs considerable from standard Italian. With their next album to be sung in Spanish, Arabic, Indian and French, it’s impressive that their work is so easy to connect to, despite the languages used being so varied and alien to many ears. Highly recommended.






Neethusha: The New Ballad Queen?

Neethusha, a singer-songwriter from Kerala, South India is making waves with her new single ‘Why Did I Lose You’ and it’s getting pretty difficult to hold back the tears. For years Neethusha fought against her conservative surroundings to pursue a career in her life long passion of music and thank the heavens she did!

Neethusa learnt her craft singing in the band Stereogrind in her hometown on Kerala, and was featured on Kappa TV. Furthermore, she also performed at the Facebook India Show and Femina Style Diva in 2015, garnering her a lot of solid experience and exposure and proving to the world she really is willing to work hard to get what she wants.

With essence of Coldplay and Savage Garden, ‘Why Did I Lose You’ is a real tear jerker of a ballad about heartbreak and self reconciliation. Beautiful acoustic guitar gently opens the track, building subtly layer by layer into a emotive, smooth as butter arrangement with string parts and piano lines weaving in and out of eachother. Her vocal delivery is flawless as well, reminiscent of greats like Shania Twain and Celine Dion and performed with an honesty and vulnerability that is seldom heard these days in a world of overproduced, plastic pop. Neethusa is definitely one to watch and her captivating, culturally diverse sound should most definitely stand the test of time!

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Pallab Sarker returns with ‘Not Gonna Fall In Love With You’

Having found success with debut record, ‘Morning in Brixton’, which found underground success across US college radio networks. It earned him a record deal in the States and now the British-Bengali singer-songwriter Pallab Sarker is back with his endearing follow up single ‘Not Gonna Fall In Love With You’.

However, for a long time Pallab led a rather contrasting ‘double life’; he was a press adviser to Minister’s by day, including Lord Digby during the last Labour administration and a musician by night.

On one occasion he merged his two worlds together as he performed a gig in the atrium of the home office in the name of Children in Need, raising thousands of pounds in the process.

After Pallab’s parents fled from the Bangladesh war of independence in the 70s and raised him in Peterborough, Pallab relocated to London during his early twenties at the peak of the brit-pop explosion.

The lively scene that took the music world by storm inspired the budding songwriter who quickly formed a band, ICON, who gigged incessantly across the capital and its lively circuit. Although Pallab is now based in Walthamstow, he has spent a lot of time immersed in the vibrant arts scene of South London, which inspired the single ‘Morning In Brixton’, also taken from his upcoming album, Grey Day.

Since his band days, Pallab has developed his sound as a solo artist and he can now be considered a genuine songbird, whose arresting voice and touching melodies ooze with emotional value, speaking straight to the hearts of his listeners. Within Sarker’s work is a humanizing touch, most clearly exhibited through his kind, clever lyricism and its sonic journey instigating abilities, which can be found on ‘Not Gonna Fall In Love With You’.

Not only this, but Pallab feels strongly about the lack of British Asians being showcased in the indie genre. He points out that British Asians have played a huge role in the development of garage and R&B, but there is little mainstream representation when it comes to the indie singer-songwriter scene: Sarker could well be the poster boy who kicks off a new era for British Asians in this genre.







‘Gaodhal’s Vision’ set for reissue

The classic celtic-rock concept album of 1977 by Joe O’Donnell is being re-issued by the legendary violinist and his band Shkayla as part of their 40th anniversary celebrations.

The reissue is set for release on 14th July and the band have already begun the celebrations by playing two lives shows at The Belgrade Theatre in Coventry at the end of March.

Gaodhal’s Vision was considered a masterpiece when it was originally released back in the 70s due to its unique instrumentation and powerful concept relating to the folklore of Ireland and its cultural heritage. As well as this, guitar god Rory Gallagher featured on the album, playing a number of intricate solos to accompany Joe’s violin. Fortunately, the reissue of the record has managed to remaster these solos, enhancing the overall sound, bringing  Joe’s quality musicianship into the digital age.

Joe was a classically trained musician, but he then went on to join a number f rock bands and realised the connection between Celtic modal and Indian music. Now, with Shkayla, he blends this experience with rock, jazz and even orchestral styles.

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Our top recommendation this week is…

Lianne La Havas!

Having grown huge numbers of fans since her break-through track “Is Your Love Big Enough?” in 2012 she is still a fresh voice in the crowd.

Her 2015 album Blood is one not to be missed out of your collection.

Maintaining the elegance of her folk-soul beginnings, the Londoner explores bolder directions on her second album. Announcing this new daring, the psychedelic soul of opener “Unstoppable” slips into a warm, snapping groove on “Green & Gold”. From the gritty pop strut of “What You Don’t Do” to the delicate “Wonderful”, Blood’s changing tones suit an agile voice that can shift from fragility to fire in a captivating instant.

She has more recently released an EP Blood Solo. It’s a collection of songs from the album “Blood” but interpreted completely solo – just by Lianne and a series of guitars.
The EP also includes one brand new song entitled “Fairytale”.

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Haunting new album Cherry Fair from singer-songwriter Stephen Harrison

‘…like postcards from an earlier, purer, more positive time’ – The Sunday Herald on Stephen’s previous album Today Tomorrow

English-born, Scottish-residing singer-songwriter Stephen Harrison delivers this intimate and heartfelt new folk record Cherry Fair.

Having written his own songs since he was a teenager, Stephen got into music through legendary sixties acts such as The Doors, Simon and Garfunkel, Donovan, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan and George Harrison – the music that his older siblings would listen to.

As a teenager I was writing folk songs on acoustic guitar. Aged 16, I would strap my guitar on my back and head off ‘on my moped’ to places such as the Barnoldswick Folk Club.

During the late seventies, Stephen’s musical interests shifted. Attending the Edinburgh College Of Art in 1977, he was founding member of the post-punk band Metropak. The band supported the likes of The Rezillos and Josef K, and received airplay from John Peel.

Having since disbanded, Stephen has now returned to his folk roots. His new album draws on his experience, exploring an array of pensive topics from unrequited love to reconciliation to the brevity of life.  The subject matter deepens as the tracks progress.

Although minimal in sound, Cherry Fair is the result of a lot careful time and effort, Stephen going to great lengths to achieve the perfect sound using unconventional guitar tunings and a particular picking style. Vocals are often recorded multiple times so that he can achieve the exact phrasing. The result is a very clean and polished record.

Stream the album here on Soundcloud:

As well as having a passion in music, Stephen is also a keen painter. Emotional tone plays a key part in his interest in the arts.

Artists that Stephen can be compared to include the likes of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, early Lou Reed and Richard Hawley.


Cherry Fair is out 9th May



Vidal & Curma Release ‘Another Plane’ EP on Tradiio Recordings

Vidal & Curma specialise in writing songs about everyday problems – from the difficulty of maintaining relationships nowadays (‘Another Plane’), to everyday situations that can lead to deep contemplation (‘Tonight’). The final track, ‘Never Say Again’, is about the unpredictability of meeting someone special in a massive city like London.

With each track boasting different elements which make them special individually, the combination of all three tracks makes for a very consistent release. And it’s all tied together with an acoustic irreverence that really sets them apart from other, more pretentious, peers. It’s an approach that clearly works, with the band already getting the attention of Universal Music Group A&R Manager Fausto Donato. Surely a sign of things to come.

This is the first release on Tradiio Recordings, a new record label set up to release the best performing artists on Tradiio, a music discovery app for iOS, Android and Web.

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