Dial 999, It’s Five-O-Five!









Escaping the clutches of their idyllic Eastern Italy seaside heaven to embrace the murky world of international rock, Five-O-Five have the dangerous swagger of The Libertines and the effortless cool of The Arctic Monkeys, perfectly showcased in Where They Bring Sophie, from their album, unhelpfully titled @Y&!

With a healthy dosh of garage indie-rock with dashes of electro and pop, their new track kicks off with an instantly potent guitar riff, which is quickly joined by a pulsating drum beat and fuzzy vocals which complete the fast-paced, in your face sound.

Watch the video for ‘Where They Bring Sophie’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfD8KpzoVag

Or Listen on Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/fiveofiveband/where-they-bring-sophie

Consisting of Piero (guitar/lead vocals), Andrea (drums), Riccardo (bass) and Alessandro (keyboards), the group of friends may be young, but their talent without a doubt belies their years, proving how Italy and the rest of Europe still has a role to play in the world of rock-centric music.






Introducing: Luna Blue

Introducing Brighton’s next big thing in the world of indie-pop – Luna Blue.

yHaving formed whilst studying at the University of Chichester, the band are embarking on the release of their debut EP Nightjar, along with the new single ‘Borrowed Words’ which is out 28th July.

Borrowing sounds from their inspirations such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Don Broco, Luna Blue create a funk-infused indie pop sound that bounces carelessly, flows seamlessly and always gets your foot tapping.

Consisting of Tom High (vocals/rhythm guitar), Ryan Wellman (lead guitar/backing vocals), Nick Davie (Bass/backing vocals) and Seb Bowen (drummer/backing vocals), Luna Blue’s ‘Borrowed Words’ exhibits the band at their funk-rock best, with driving, upbeat instrumentation and the wild, soaring vocals of front-man Tom, which focus on the intriguing topic of saying or doing something in order to please someone and fill another fantasy – in another sense – borrowing words.

Unfortunately, bassist Nick’s best friend was hit and killed by a drunk driver in 2015, but in her dedication, Luna Blue put on a spectacular live show, backed by a live orchestra where the band performed a number of their own tracks as well as memorable covers.

Coming from varying musical backgrounds, the boys join together a vast array of influences from all over the musical world. Whilst Ryan is strongly inspired by blues and progressive rock, particularly Pink Floyd, Seb and Nick enjoy delving into the seemingly contrasting realms of metal and jazz, and Tom considers legendary singer-songwriter, Jeff Buckley, his idol.

FFO: Two Door Cinema Club, The 1975, Foals

You’ll have to wait a little while for ‘Borrowed Words’ to come out, but in the meantime, check out Luna Blue on social media:










M3staken is back again with ‘Rain’


Returning with his third album in the space of less than a year, experimental hip-hop artist M3staken (M3) has dropped the final piece of his ‘trilogy’, Rain.

Listen to Rain here: https://m3ssi.bandcamp.com/releases

Having dabbled with a combination of classical piano and electronic instrumentation on his first record, Apex, M3 has honed his brand of jarring, dark and complex music that borrows many of its beats from the world of hip-hop.

Despite this, it’s a difficult task describing exactly what M3 is doing and this is what places him in a different league to other artists. He’s a natural born boundary pusher and we clearly haven’t seen the end of his exhaustive ideas quite yet. Who knows what he might be combining with his hip-hop roots next?

M3 commented that Rain is ‘loosely connected to my two previous works and it is primarily a collection of my personal favourite songs’.

Check out more on M3staken here:






Matt Boroff releases single ‘Thirst’ taken from upcoming album ‘Grand Delusion’

Alternative rocker Matt Boroff recently released ‘Thirst’ music video from his upcoming album ‘Grand Delusion’, which premiered on the rock site Vive Le Rock. Having shared a stage with artists such as Nirvana and Kyuss, touring Europe with acts such as Queens Of The Stone Age and Calexico and forming power trio Matt Boroff & The Mirrors, Boroff is no stranger to the industry.

The American-born, Austria-based musician has now gone solo, releasing ‘Thirst’ recorded at 11AD studios. The  single is taken from his upcoming album ‘Grand Delusion’, set to release May 5th, featuring producer and multi-instrumentalist Alain Johannes, former Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Pearl Jam drummer Jack Irons and vocalist Mark Lanegan.



Marilyn Carino’s New Album: ‘Leaves, Sadness, Science’

Leaves, Sadness, Science is the second album from electronic artist Marilyn Carino, after releasing her debut Little Genius in 2011. The new album picks up where Marilyn left off, pioneering a bold electronic sound with influences from hip-hop and soul too.

It might seem like an odd combination of genres, but nobody gets anywhere without experimentation and Marilyn combines these sounds in a way that pushes the boundaries of what we can expect from a piece of music.

Carino’s singing has been called, “powerful to the point of bringing you to tears” (Straight No Chaser) and “smoldering” (The New Yorker); her music, “enchanting – a testament to the healing powers of rhythm” (Nylon). The Brooklyn native wrote, recorded, mixed and performed all of ‘Leaves, Sadness, Science’ – a collection of head-spacey tracks formed from layered, Moog-y synths and complex beats. Her long time practice of Nichiren Buddhism is the force that forms her songs into gripping, graphic internal monologues that explore themes of sex and radical self-expression.

Carino recorded her first album at Neil Young’s studio with Crazy Horse bassist Billy Talbot producing. She then flew to London on a one-way ticket and stayed for a year working as an engineer in reggae recording studios. Upon returning to the U.S. she co-founded the vintage electronic group Mudville, producing three critically acclaimed albums and wrote lyrics for the great producers Sly and Robbie (Grace Jones, Simply Red). Mudville’s song ‘Wicked’ won the 2008 Independent Music Award for Best Song. She recorded and produced her first solo album ‘Little Genius’ in 2011, and recently contributed vocals and lyrics to the Words Hurt indie hip-hop collective’s ‘Fuck That Pretty Boy Shit’, featuring Samuel T. Herring, vocalist of Future Islands.






Screams On Sunday explore internet obsessed society in ‘The Night’

Alternative female fronted rock group Screams On Sunday (SOS) explore today’s technology obsessive society in latest single ‘The Night’ set to be released 27th January. Blending melodic guitar solos with rock rhythms, their latest single has a raw and honest sound.

The Spanish band came together via the internet and ironically discuss the idea of today’s generation being obsessed with creating an online persona, lacking real life relations in ‘The Night’. The meaningful lyrics sung in a rough but sweet manner gives SOS a unique edge.

The rockers debut EP ‘Call Reality A Lie’ received major success, leading to them gaining a large following and becoming known for their live performances that were considered “pure dynamite”.

‘The Night’ was recorded at Sound-Hub in Belper and mastered at Metropolis Studios in London. SOS find themselves improvising as it creates a more honest raw sound, meaning the production process perfects that improvised sound but still portraying what is inside.








Track Review: INJIN’s 80s-esque ‘Tennessee’

With a wealth of experience in the world of rock’n’roll, talented musician INJIN has pursued his own path releasing the captivating track ‘Tennessee’.

INJIN’s story is one of great intrigue and importance. During his early youth, INJIN simply stopped growing. His lack of height led to him being bullied during his school years, but this has only fuelled his songwriting talent. Fortunately, he was one of a lucky few who were able to receive a groundbreaking treatment at the time.

When INJIN discovered music as his passion, he began to work his talents on rearrangements of classic rock songs by bands such as Deep Purple and Pink Floyd and consequently, the influence is evident in ‘Tennessee’.

Listeners may even mistake ‘Tennessee’ for a song from the 80s due to its distinct timbre and throwback vibe. However, this is not to say that INJIN’s music is in any way dated;  he has taken a classic sound and reworked it, making it accessible for modern audiences.

Resonating synths and pacific-style wind instruments evoke this 80s feel and they complement INJIN’s potent vocals perfectly. The tonal qualities of his voice can even be compared to the likes of cult 80s bands such Simple Minds and Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Overall, ‘Tennessee’ is a deep thinker of a track that will have you lost in its swirling melodies and soaring vocals, transporting you away to another place. INJIN is a firm believer that today’s music has lost its personal touch and he certainly brings back an emotive edge in ‘Tennessee’ with his creative and unique instrumentation.






‘Dirty Love’ By Chey


Welsh singer-songwriter Chey has teamed with expert producer, David Ezra, to produce the beautifully crafted and sensuous ‘Dirty Love’.

Influenced by the likes of Amy Winehouse and Paloma Faith, Chey has penned the alternative-pop ballad about a love affair in which the woman is in complete control of what is happening.

Chey’s wide ranging vocals are the star of the show with their 90s alt-pop vibe, which has lead to comparisons with the likes of cult band, Portishead.

Producer extraordinaire Ezra said: ‘I loved Chey’s voice and I was looking forward to working with her on the new single, I brought in Shakil Hussain, a songwriter also from London to join us and within a day we had written and recorded Dirty Love’.

‘Dirty Love’ seamlessly switches from sultry, soulful lyrics and beautifully constructed melodic runs – into a mesmerizing guitar riff, fusing together to make a memorable ballad. Chey’s debut single Dirty Love is intelligent Indie/pop at its very best.

Find out more on Chey here:




Facebook: /OfficialCheyMusic

Twitter: @officialchey1

Instagram: officialcheymusic

‘As We Are’- Junkerry

Junkerry’s ‘As We Are’ is definitely one for you if you like experimental, genre-bending, psychedelic vibes in your music.

The nature of the music industry began to frustrate Junkerry and left her disillusioned, so she moved to India where she rediscovered her love for music whilst studying classical Indian singing. These multi-ethnic influences are can be seen in her music creating a cultural amalgamation of sounds that makes for a unique listening experience.

The beat of ‘As We Are’, reminiscent of 90s chillout, evokes a strong tropical feel, whilst the swirling phasers on the guitar send out rippling, mind trips that transport you away to another world. The  guitar solo towards the end of the track is a fine piece of song craft too; it doesn’t overshadow the rest of the track, as is so often the case and instead, it sits subtly behind the other elements of the song, knowing its place for optimal musical perfection.

Junkerry’s french accent renders the vocals smooth and seductive, comparable to that of Melody Prochet from Melody’s Echo Chamber, and they compliment the laid-back nature of the track perfectly.

Junkerry’s use of loopers and state-of-the-art computer equipment make her a sort of one woman band and allow her to form jarring polyrhythmic beats that leave you listening intently to pick out every fine-tuned element of ‘As We Are’.

Evidently, ‘As We Are’ proves that Junkerry has her hand in a number of genre based pies, and this is by no means a bad thing. She selects the most appropriate elements from each to form a psychedelic, mind-cleansing sound that reflects her journey as a musician.

For more mind trips and visual tricks, check out the video for ‘As We Are’ on Junkerry’s website which has been made using Google’s tilt brush feature. It’s a real feast for the eyes, as well as the ears.




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