Roman Zayats Release Of ‘Cold’ Is Combating The January Blues



Drawing from a huge range of influences makes Romans music varied and original, and with the hope of new artists featuring on the next few releases, 2018 is looking to be working in Romans favor.

The single itself can be seen as a homage to all great techno, dance and house acts, including Depeche Mode, Deadmau5 and Skrillex, however, as Romans upbringing was in St Petersburg, Russia, home of some of classical music’s greatest composers, it was destined for him to include aspects from musical history into his work.


The track is a great piece, and with many surprises yet to be unveiled, you can assure yourself it would be a good idea to stay tuned for whats coming.









A Present From The UK To Japan: The Sweet Sounds Of Julia Mascetti


From an early age, Julia knew she was a keen enthusiast for Japan and Japanese culture, and from this she learned of certain scenes that were scattered throughout the UK.

Originally playing for fun, Julia’s love for the Harp soon grew until she found herself playing at large anime conventions, to then studying Music at the University of Leeds, which finally led to a position as the Principal Harpist in the University orchestra.




In 2015, she then moved to Japan, and now resides there, spending her time as a freelance Harp player, as well as writing for Japanese blogs which explore the feelings you experience when far away from home and the ones you love. “In keeping with the theme of ‘distance’ the harp parts for the EP were recorded during a visit home to the UK but the shamisen parts were recorded in Tokyo” explains Julia.



Her brand new EP, ‘In Distance, Everything Is Poetry’, is out on the 10th November of this year.






Antonio Domingos, the Pianist Fighting Back

Antonio Domingos, lost everything. From having European orchestras inviting him to perform with them as a soloist; a new pad in a European capital on offer, to having it all crash down around him. His childhood dream was suddenly so far away. But he wasn’t going to accept that. Domingos is today recognised by Guinness Book of World Records for having achieved the most piano key hits in one minute (on one key).

Antiono’s world breaking performance can be seen here:

After a history of corruption, jealousy, and nepotism. He realised he can overcome it. He had something that could beat ‘every single pianist in the world’ at something that can be measured and recorded. Speed and endurance in piano playing. He fought to prove that he is not a pianist that can be forgotten. He has his own style and his own place in the world of music and he will continue to fight for his right to perfom.

Roger Rudenstein Vs The World

As a musical style, opera has never stinted on sex, murder and shady goings-on, despite the stern image it forever seems to be struggling to shake off. The prolific American composer, Roger Rudenstein is certainly playing his part in re-inventing opera as a provocative art-form, whilst keen to uphold the European musical stylings in which it is soaked.

Roger has certainly not held back with his take on international politics. His expansive “Nightmare of Reason” work (named, no doubt, after the Goya painting) covers post-9/11 America under George W. Bush, and uses a technique which appears throughout much of his recent work – utilising words used by the subject verbatim – in this case, Bush’s 2005 State of the Union address.

Bringing us up to date is Roger’s take on the current resident at the White House: titled the “Rise and Fall of Ronald P. Glumpf”, the multi-part opera follows the journey of Glumpf (best to keep the lawyers out of it) from his campaign to become president to the imminent second instalment, due to appear online any day now. Also approaching completion is a trio for viola, piano and clarinet, though while you’re waiting for those, we recommend you investigate his operatic interpretation of the surprisingly bawdy literary classic, Ulysses by James Joyce. In keeping with his reportage style, Joyce’s actual text is used.

Mihail Doman’s ‘Arythmology’


Two years in the making, Mihail Doman’s first full-length release is an epic realisation of his view of the human condition, as told through his music, which manages to be both minimalist and thought-provokingly complex. Arhythmology is a story of rebirth and new beginnings.

Born and raised in Romania, Mihail has created Arhythmology as a fully-immersive experience, one to be heard, ideally, as a whole entity rather than to be dipped in and out of. Segmented into nine phases, each numbered in roman numerals, in the style of one of his heroes, Jean-Michel Jarre, it shares the legendary French composer’s journeys through sweeping musical landscapes – to use Mihail’s own description, “a soundtrack without a film”.

Listen to lead track Arhythmology VI below:

Multi-instrumentalist Mihail has created nine textured suites to allow the listener to construct their own visuals, without an overbearing narrative or structure influencing the experience. Using electronic and orchestral elements to broadly encapsulate rebirth, humanity and discovery, there is also a video to support the track Arthythmology VI, intended by the composer to be a modern pro-feminist film with influences from Botticelli’s Birth of Venus – classical themes which transcend time and reflect the modern age we live in.

Watch the film here:

Mihail cites his musical influences as coming from the worlds of traditional classical (Beethoven) modern classical (Ludovico Einaudi; Ólafur Arnalds), as well as composers who famously use music alongside film, in particular Vangelis and Hans Zimmer.



Super Talented Teen Shane Thomas Due to Release New Single Mrs Matisse 10th December


Formerly dubbed ‘Britain’s Mozart’, Shane Thomas is quite possibly the most talented teenager across the British music industry.

New single, ‘Mrs Matisee’ is to be released 10th December, prior to the release of his debut album, ‘From Me To You’, due for release soon after.

‘Mrs Matisee’ showcases Shane’s incredible talent and beautifully demonstrates the amazing capabilities of this young composer. The tack in undeniably stunning and transpires audiences into the fascinating world of Shane Thomas.

Shane was inspired to write the track earlier this year when he saw a painting by Henri Matisse. He was so taken with the beauty of the painting that he decided to compose a piece of music about it. Shortly after writing the track Shane discovered that Debussy had been inspired by the very same painting and produced a well known piece of music called, Arabesque.

Shane began playing the piano at the tender age of seven and has since taken on the challenge of mastering the art of the cello and percussion.  Shane dreams up all of his music. He has never sat at a piano to compose anything. He does it all in his head, then later sits to play the piece. He can immediately play any melody or song he hears.

Aged ten, Shane was the youngest person in history to be signed to a music publisher, E.M.I. music.

Catch Shane in action here:

Peter Andre, Jamie Cullum, Bradley Walsh and Jason Mansford are all fans of the child star. The Royal Academy of Music and Yehudi Menuhin school both describe Shane as ,

‘’A complete one off’’





‘Mini Mozart’ to become youngest record label boss in history with MusicRaiser

The World’s first crowd funded record label!

Prodigious 10 year old pianist Curtis Elton ATCL (1st year of a university degree) and brand new crowd funding website Music Raiser are teaming up this month, aiming to make Elton the youngest record label boss in history.

Already a huge success in the EU, Musicraiser is a unique site designed to support musicians as the world’s first crowd funded record label. Launching in the UK, one of the first projects on their agenda will see ‘Mini Mozart’ Curtis Elton pledge to set up a record label to promote talented child musicians.

Curtis got the idea having been unceremoniously turned away from this year’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ in spite of getting four ‘yes’ votes and rave reviews from the judges. The change of fortunes was especially surprising as producers had sought out the talented pianist to try again after booting him out at the same stage in 2011. Having been given assurances that the same would not happen this time, Elton was disappointed to learn that he would once again not make it to the live semi-finals.

But rather than resting on his laurels, Curtis is using the disappointment to come back fighting and make his own way in the music industry – as well as giving other talented youngsters the chance to do the same with the help of Musicraiser.*** FOR EXCLUSIVE SALE ***BYLINE: TOPSTARCONTACT: Jon Bushell - 07805 471922

With over €1 million raised in its first year on the EU mainland, Musicraiser has an existing community of 40,000 fundraisers looking for the best new music projects in the industry. UK artists will be able to call on this community for the first time – including Curtis Elton, the ‘Mini Mozart’ looking to blaze trails as the youngest label boss ever.

You can see Curtis Elton’s Musicraiser pledge video on The Music Raiser Website:


Curtis Elton: / Twitter

Debut single from electro-classical artist NEOLEKTRA

Album: Birth of a Heroine (3rd June, 2014)

Single: Immortals (20th May, 2014)

Although this may be Neolektra’s first ever solo release, she is hardly new to the world of music. She has already performed as herself (Naomi Tagg) with huge artists like Elton John, Celine Deon and John Legend, and has performed for Richard Branson and Peter Gabriel.  Her background is also in producing dramatic and emotional music for visuals, predominantly for advertisers. Her past clients include giants like BMW, Mercedes and Google, along with many more, so she certainly knows how to conjure emotions and capture an audience.

Listen to Immortals here:

From childhood Naomi has been immersed in musical variety. She grew up in Cape Town, South Africa with 5 siblings, all of whom played at least 3 instruments and a great great grandmother who played the harp for Queen Victoria! The fierce competition to learn and improve drove Naomi to excel at a young age.

She inevitably rose through the traditional ranks of classical music; playing in orchestras, learning how to assemble music professionally and eventually earning herself a scholarship to study music at the University of Cape Town. Neolektra’s real musical character came out of rebellion, however, as she decided to quit her degree before finishing. She hated the formality and structures surrounding the classical world and decided to create something fresh, something which really resonated with her own character and what she loved.

What came about in the following decade was her quest to create a new sound for the violin, to give it a new identity. Rather than stemming from any one particular inspiration, it has been an exploration of the modern violin, from jazz to rock, dance music and soundtrack. The result of which, after many years, is her album ‘Birth of a Heroine’.

Her classical music upbringing has allowed her to create an orchestrally rich album, diverse in genre and instrumentation. Her music is expansive and feels like it is exploring new parameters in traditional music classifications. Indeed, one of the aims of the song and album generally was to take the listener on a musical journey and hope that they come out the rabbit hole with a fresh perspective on music.

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