Celebration of Life: World of Jungle, Drum & Bass

Celebration of Life is a collaboration between UK’s premier talents; Potential Bad Boy, Demolition Man, Jr Dangerous, Navigator, Tippa Irie, General Levy, Alaska MC and Cowboy Ranger. These UK artists have all collaborated to support Demelza, a hospice that provides support and respite for the parents and families of terminally ill children.

This project is inspired by a little boy called Jaden who is suffering an incurable brain disease.


The song, has a very upbeat video that accompanies it. Reggae, jungle and drum & bass are genres of music Jaden is particularly fond of.

Make sure you catch the video below:

To support the launch of the single, the artists will be headlining Jungle Fever at Ministry of Sound in London on December 22nd, where they will also be performing a second track in support of the project, “Think Positive”

You can learn more about the hospice and what they do here:


Catch Celebration of Life on social media:

Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/user-469116529/celebration-of-life/s-2wzva

Youtube: https://youtu.be/ryNIeQ6AUh4

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CelebrationofLifeglobal/

Twitter: @celebratelifeuk

Instagram: celebrationoflifeglobal

Website: www.celebrationoflife.global


Tony Banks: ‘Run!’

For those of you who love a little hip-hop mixed with a little house music- we’ve got the track for you!

New York inhabitant Tony Banks has dropped his club-banger ‘Run!’ which employs a powerful, steady beat in combination with his trademark rap stylings and witty lyrics.

Tony describes his style as ‘Move ya feet, feel good’ music and you can certainly imagine it going down well in the club.

Having grown up during the golden age of hip-hop and being inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Missy Elliot and Andre 3000, Tony is an artist who is pushing boundaries with his music, creating a whole new genre for himself which he seems to have mastered.

Find out more on Tony here:








M3staken is back again with ‘Rain’


Returning with his third album in the space of less than a year, experimental hip-hop artist M3staken (M3) has dropped the final piece of his ‘trilogy’, Rain.

Listen to Rain here: https://m3ssi.bandcamp.com/releases

Having dabbled with a combination of classical piano and electronic instrumentation on his first record, Apex, M3 has honed his brand of jarring, dark and complex music that borrows many of its beats from the world of hip-hop.

Despite this, it’s a difficult task describing exactly what M3 is doing and this is what places him in a different league to other artists. He’s a natural born boundary pusher and we clearly haven’t seen the end of his exhaustive ideas quite yet. Who knows what he might be combining with his hip-hop roots next?

M3 commented that Rain is ‘loosely connected to my two previous works and it is primarily a collection of my personal favourite songs’.

Check out more on M3staken here:






Pimlican’s ‘Runaw’y’

Pimlican is an intriguing artist, working with a number of other talented musicians in order to create a seemingly genre-less brand of music as it crosses so many styles.

Fusing elements form hip-hop, rap, R&B and pop, Pimlican’s music consequently appeals to a wide range of listeners in the urban umbrella.

The name ‘Pimlican’ stems from countless nights spent in the Pimlico area of London waiting for appointments with music industry hotshots. However, after forming his own record label, Belgrave Road Records, Pimlican is now looking to build on their last release ‘B’ck 4 More/ P’lya’, with the pop-hooked anthem ‘Runaw’y’.

Employing a superb vocal lead alongside innovative instrumentation and rap, it’s the kind of track you can’t just listen to once.

Check out more on Pimlican here:








Hip-Hop Banger ‘Pirate’ from Jvgg Spvrrow

Jvgg Spvrrow may be from the small island of St. Martin in the Caribbean, but he’s ready to break out to the world with his infectious brand of hip-hop that takes influence from a wide range of artists.

With witty lyricism and strong, defiant beats, Jvgg’s music is sure to leave its impression on you, all through his trademark ‘pirate’ stylings that create the name of his latest track.

Jvgg Spvrrow has a strong look, good fashion sense and originality around his pirate concept. He is inspired by a smorgasbord of artists such as Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Asap Rocky and french hip hop artists like Booba, Joey Starr and Dancehall artists like Bounty Killer, Movado and Vybz Kartel.

‘Pirate’ is a track that really cements Jvgg’s position in the hip-hop world and confirms that he is here to stay. If he can keep coming up with great, catchy tunes like ‘pirate’, then he’s sure to be a name that you’ll be hearing in the coming future.

Check out more on Jvgg here:




Speed Autobahn’s Fresh off the Press Thrilling New Single ‘Live it Up’

LISTEN HERE: https://soundcloud.com/speed-autobahn/03-live-it-up-feat-stormi-palmer-ezo

A fresh, fast paced and high-energy fusion of Electronica dance and Hip Hop reminiscent of artists Pitbull and Florida perfectly describes the fantastic new single by Speed Autobahn.

After the death of a close friend he was moved to create a song in his honour, taking inspiration from his friend’s popular saying ‘live everyday like it’s your last’ he named the track ‘Live it Up’.

“To hear him say, “I don’t do music for the hood, I do music for the world,” had me hype and if you know me you know I don’t need extra energy, but that’s what you feel through his music, energized!!!”

– Shelneka Adams, empire radio magazine

“ I never thought he could combine the styles of EDM and Hip Hop and Take it somewhere past were Pitbull has taken it, no disrespect to Pitbull, but a younger and newer wave”

–  Jay “the Great” Gatsby, The Royal Takeover Radio Show

Currently living in Manhattan, New York Speed Autobahn has been driving audiences so wild that both men and women have ripped their shirts off as they danced and raved. Performing in some of New York’s most famous venues such as Harlem Shrine, Santos House Party, Brooklyn’s Paperbox and also Fame Festival in Atlanta, GA he was introduced to the rapper Fat Joe earlier this year who encouraged him to aim for the skies with his art, saying “ your friends and family are not your fans, focus on creating music that people from all over can appreciate and love”. Having toured with the punk rock band and his producer Danny Switchblade, speaks a lot about the immense quality of music they express together.

In addition to his fantastic accolade his music has been featured on the award winning YouTube web series “Ghetto Nerd Girl” Speed Autobahn is set to tear his way up the music industry.


Upcoming events

1) E.N.S album release party, July10th  2016

2) Fresh Crew Music concert:  New York, NY

August 2016 date and Venue TBA



www.speedautobahn.com                                                         https://twitter.com/SPEEDAuTOBAHN

https://youtu.be/vEPJpivcQ0U                                          https://soundcloud.com/speed-autobahn

BxRod Brings New Vibes to the Bay Area

Hailing from Northern California, Bay Area singer BxRod (Bee-Ex-Rod) is shedding some new light on the Hip-hop/RnB scene. At only 18 years old, she is helping to show that there is more to her generation then just “turning up”. Shying away from the more mainstream sounds of Heartbreak Gang slaps and Kehlani’s love serenades, BxRod implements a more underground sound that pays tribute to old jazz and boom bap beats.

Growing up in an environment that encouraged the arts, BxRod has been heavily involved with many different types of music. It was not until 8th grade when she read the Tao of Wu, that she discovered one of her passions; hip hop. The book changed her whole perspective on music and life, encouraging her to dive further into the world of hip hop and its culture. Despite only starting to create her own music recently, it was through this curiosity and genuine love of music that unknowingly helped birth her unique sound today.

Always singing and performing but never attempting to write her own music, she decided to create a Soundcloud as an experiment to see if pursuing this path was something she wanted. With only a laptop and an iPhone she recorded a cover of Houstatlantavegas by Drake and penned her own original song called At Night (prod. Tunnel No5).

These posts received quick positive feedback from peers and strangers, which further encouraged her to create more. Since then she has met and been able to collaborate with other talented artists such as Bay Area’s own producer 7th Soul (Flux Roses, Peaches&Strwbs, Mellowlights) , and Denmark’s Dawy Deville (Summertime Blues). One song has caught the eyes of many, So What’s Your Vibe (prod. Made in M), where she pairs her Ella-like scats and sing song type rap influence with New York spitter SmooVth.

Currently studying in college down in Southern California, BxRod is balancing music with school. She currently is working on some collaboration with other artists and plans to start working on her debut mixtape in December. From this mixtape you will be reintroduced to BxRod and really begin to discover who she is.

Until then she encourages everyone to take a moment to think of the question “If you were told you had a year to live, what would you do?” She then encourages you to take a piece of pen and paper and write all these things down. Look at the list. Now realize you do not have to be dying to do any of these things. Keep this list and cross what you achieve off (maybe add some more too). She’s crossing one off right now.

Check out her SoundCloud here

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