Pallab Sarker returns with ‘Not Gonna Fall In Love With You’

Having found success with debut record, ‘Morning in Brixton’, which found underground success across US college radio networks. It earned him a record deal in the States and now the British-Bengali singer-songwriter Pallab Sarker is back with his endearing follow up single ‘Not Gonna Fall In Love With You’.

However, for a long time Pallab led a rather contrasting ‘double life’; he was a press adviser to Minister’s by day, including Lord Digby during the last Labour administration and a musician by night.

On one occasion he merged his two worlds together as he performed a gig in the atrium of the home office in the name of Children in Need, raising thousands of pounds in the process.

After Pallab’s parents fled from the Bangladesh war of independence in the 70s and raised him in Peterborough, Pallab relocated to London during his early twenties at the peak of the brit-pop explosion.

The lively scene that took the music world by storm inspired the budding songwriter who quickly formed a band, ICON, who gigged incessantly across the capital and its lively circuit. Although Pallab is now based in Walthamstow, he has spent a lot of time immersed in the vibrant arts scene of South London, which inspired the single ‘Morning In Brixton’, also taken from his upcoming album, Grey Day.

Since his band days, Pallab has developed his sound as a solo artist and he can now be considered a genuine songbird, whose arresting voice and touching melodies ooze with emotional value, speaking straight to the hearts of his listeners. Within Sarker’s work is a humanizing touch, most clearly exhibited through his kind, clever lyricism and its sonic journey instigating abilities, which can be found on ‘Not Gonna Fall In Love With You’.

Not only this, but Pallab feels strongly about the lack of British Asians being showcased in the indie genre. He points out that British Asians have played a huge role in the development of garage and R&B, but there is little mainstream representation when it comes to the indie singer-songwriter scene: Sarker could well be the poster boy who kicks off a new era for British Asians in this genre.







Introducing: Luna Blue

Introducing Brighton’s next big thing in the world of indie-pop – Luna Blue.

yHaving formed whilst studying at the University of Chichester, the band are embarking on the release of their debut EP Nightjar, along with the new single ‘Borrowed Words’ which is out 28th July.

Borrowing sounds from their inspirations such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Don Broco, Luna Blue create a funk-infused indie pop sound that bounces carelessly, flows seamlessly and always gets your foot tapping.

Consisting of Tom High (vocals/rhythm guitar), Ryan Wellman (lead guitar/backing vocals), Nick Davie (Bass/backing vocals) and Seb Bowen (drummer/backing vocals), Luna Blue’s ‘Borrowed Words’ exhibits the band at their funk-rock best, with driving, upbeat instrumentation and the wild, soaring vocals of front-man Tom, which focus on the intriguing topic of saying or doing something in order to please someone and fill another fantasy – in another sense – borrowing words.

Unfortunately, bassist Nick’s best friend was hit and killed by a drunk driver in 2015, but in her dedication, Luna Blue put on a spectacular live show, backed by a live orchestra where the band performed a number of their own tracks as well as memorable covers.

Coming from varying musical backgrounds, the boys join together a vast array of influences from all over the musical world. Whilst Ryan is strongly inspired by blues and progressive rock, particularly Pink Floyd, Seb and Nick enjoy delving into the seemingly contrasting realms of metal and jazz, and Tom considers legendary singer-songwriter, Jeff Buckley, his idol.

FFO: Two Door Cinema Club, The 1975, Foals

You’ll have to wait a little while for ‘Borrowed Words’ to come out, but in the meantime, check out Luna Blue on social media:


Screams On Sunday explore internet obsessed society in ‘The Night’

Alternative female fronted rock group Screams On Sunday (SOS) explore today’s technology obsessive society in latest single ‘The Night’ set to be released 27th January. Blending melodic guitar solos with rock rhythms, their latest single has a raw and honest sound.

The Spanish band came together via the internet and ironically discuss the idea of today’s generation being obsessed with creating an online persona, lacking real life relations in ‘The Night’. The meaningful lyrics sung in a rough but sweet manner gives SOS a unique edge.

The rockers debut EP ‘Call Reality A Lie’ received major success, leading to them gaining a large following and becoming known for their live performances that were considered “pure dynamite”.

‘The Night’ was recorded at Sound-Hub in Belper and mastered at Metropolis Studios in London. SOS find themselves improvising as it creates a more honest raw sound, meaning the production process perfects that improvised sound but still portraying what is inside.


Everything Under’s ‘Where Have The Kids Gone At Night’

Electro-rock group Everything Under (EU) present their dark perspectives through the poetic lyrics and brooding sounds of  their new single ‘Team’, taken from their upcoming album ‘Where Have the Kids Gone at Night’.

Aiming to make the genre of electro-rock more appealing to a wider audience, EU have developed their industrial sound, blending 80s pop synth and 90s alternative grunge to form a combination like no other.

In 1998,  Mark J. Heidecke, the frontman of the band, unfortunately lost his sister in a car accident. After contemplating her loss for a long time, Heidecke decided to attend Ex’pression College for Digital Arts where he studied sound design, music theory and the practice of performance.

Using the techniques that he had learnt, Heidecke developed his own unique sound but his father’s diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease meant he had to move back home. However, once he had relocated, Mark found Grammy Award winning producer/sound engineer Jeff Lane and drummer Kevin T. Jones, who soon became part of Everything Under.

Where Have The Kids Gone At Night is set for release April 13th 2017.

Find out more on EU here:

Female fronted electronic pop group Kid Cupid release fiesty single ‘Broken Down’

Female fronted electronic pop group Kid Cupid explore internal conflicts with their latest single ‘Broken Down’. Fusing soul, electronic and indie rock to form an infectious style like no other, Kid Cupid capture the atmosphere and attitudes of society, using their music as thought provoking social commentaries.

Their unique outlook on life is represented in the feisty single ‘Broken Down’, about someone fighting back and making a change for the better. The hauntingly slow build to a defiant crescendo takes the listener on a journey of discovery.

The quartet draw comparisons to London Grammar and Chrvches but Kid Cupid focus on backing vocals that compliment lead vocalist Laura Shaw’s strong voice, making them have a unique edge.

Listen to ‘Broken Down’ here:


‘As We Are’- Junkerry

Junkerry’s ‘As We Are’ is definitely one for you if you like experimental, genre-bending, psychedelic vibes in your music.

The nature of the music industry began to frustrate Junkerry and left her disillusioned, so she moved to India where she rediscovered her love for music whilst studying classical Indian singing. These multi-ethnic influences are can be seen in her music creating a cultural amalgamation of sounds that makes for a unique listening experience.

The beat of ‘As We Are’, reminiscent of 90s chillout, evokes a strong tropical feel, whilst the swirling phasers on the guitar send out rippling, mind trips that transport you away to another world. The  guitar solo towards the end of the track is a fine piece of song craft too; it doesn’t overshadow the rest of the track, as is so often the case and instead, it sits subtly behind the other elements of the song, knowing its place for optimal musical perfection.

Junkerry’s french accent renders the vocals smooth and seductive, comparable to that of Melody Prochet from Melody’s Echo Chamber, and they compliment the laid-back nature of the track perfectly.

Junkerry’s use of loopers and state-of-the-art computer equipment make her a sort of one woman band and allow her to form jarring polyrhythmic beats that leave you listening intently to pick out every fine-tuned element of ‘As We Are’.

Evidently, ‘As We Are’ proves that Junkerry has her hand in a number of genre based pies, and this is by no means a bad thing. She selects the most appropriate elements from each to form a psychedelic, mind-cleansing sound that reflects her journey as a musician.

For more mind trips and visual tricks, check out the video for ‘As We Are’ on Junkerry’s website which has been made using Google’s tilt brush feature. It’s a real feast for the eyes, as well as the ears.


REVIEW: Pedro Syrah

The new single ‘Summer Night on Fairytale Land’ from Portuguese singer-songwriter Pedro Syrah is a beautiful sounding guitar focused track.

_capa_com_titulo The song is the perfect display of his guitar talent and is evidence of his creative genius. His sound is totally unique but the song centres around the theme of love which makes it easily relatable and understandable. The relaxing sound of the guitar layered underneath Pedro’s calming and relaxing vocals make this track perfect easy listening for relaxing evenings.   Pedro’s sound is indie-folk inspired and has strong nods towards artists such as Ben Howard and Jamie Cullum.

Watch the video for ‘Summer Night on Fairytale Land’ here: 


The accompanying video is equally laid back. It follows around a couple who laugh and joke whilst the lyrics talk of settling down and falling in love. The video is light-hearted and sees them riding a moped and falling in love.

Pedro is well known for his individual tunings and musical combinations and it is not difficult to see how this has already earned him much success. Having already played in world renowned venues in Lisbon his new tracks look set to take him onto even greater things.  With influences from 60s progressive rock, classical and Portuguese Ethnic style he is taking the indie rock scene further and deeper on its musical journey.

Overall I would say that this is certainly a track to add to the playlists and I would urge you to keep your eyes peeled for what Pedro will impress upon us next.