‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”’ by M’GOO

‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”’ is the latest track from jazz-pop group, M’GOO, who take an original approach to songwriting.

By taking inspiration from true stories, poems and other interesting philosophical material, M’GOO offer something different other than the typical love songs we hear from so many artists.

‘I Didn’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”’ tells the story of a couple soon to be wed, but once the woman visits a fortune teller, she has second thoughts about the relationship and promptly leaves. Consequently, the song explores the idea of ‘do we ever really know the person we love?’

Find out more on M’GOO here:








Burt Bacharach tribute band create unique cover album ‘We All Love Burt Bacharach’

The best Burt Bacharach tribute band have come together to produce ‘We All Love Burt Bacharach’. The group consisting of Peter Erskine (ex drummer of Weather Report), Bob Mintzer (member of Yellowjackets) and one of the greatest jazz pianist Massimo Colombo have collaborated to form an entirely unique album of 13 Bacharach classics. Within the album is 5 instrumental tracks that truly understand describe the several moods of Burt Bacharach’s music.

With strong elements of jazz, funk, pop and folk, ‘We All Love Burt Bacharach’ has a completely unique sound, creating an elegant refined album.

Watch the album teaser here:

REVIEW: Ronoc delivers new single ‘No More’


This invigorating blend of pop, rock and soul is the work of singer-songwriter Ronoc.

It revolves lyrically around a struggling relationship, Ronoc injecting genuine emotion into his vocal performance.

The instrumental meanwhile is a vaguely jazzy mix of guitars and folksy violins.

It follows the success of his previous single ‘Battling on’.

Check out the track below:

Yo New Single ‘Shake It’ !

Unique single set to be released on June 15th

Currently based in New Orleans – the birthplace of soul and jazz – Yo are a rock band not afraid to go against the grain. After travelling the globe and making homes in various corners of the USA and Europe, the music and songwriting draws upon a wealth of inspirations and tales from the road.

The latest single taken from the album will be the hard hitting, punk laced track ‘Shake It’ – dripping in punchy bass-lines, quasi-spoken vocals and a distinctly trippy sensibility.

You can hear the track here:

Watch the video here:

‘Shake It’ as a track shows just one of the many facets and styles that make Yo such an exciting band with such a successful future ahead. Each track is specifically influenced by the place, time and events of its birth, so pinning down a genre is something of a challenge.


The single is taken from the album ‘Vagrancy’, an LP which demonstrates perfectly the versatile nature of Yo’s songwriting. Songs such as ‘Shake It’ are seemingly built for the high energy of live performance, but other tracks on the album suit different environments. Whether chilling out at a festival, going for it on a club dancefloor, jumping around at a live gig or relaxing in a local pub, on this album there will be a song that fits perfectly to every situation.

Single ‘Shake It’ will be available from June 15th.






Toyface ready for new album: ‘Follow the Rules of the Trainwreck’

In Tamsyn’s own words, the album ‘charts a process of experiencing, coping with, and the eventual resolution of, existential angst that I went through in my early 20s’; by way of heartbreak, physical insecurity and complex family ties’. And it’s from this well of shared stories where Toyface’s main strength lies – their ability to write with searing honesty about the common human experience, and lay those tales out across an intense, shifting musical backdrop.

For an example check out the lead album track ‘Flight’: 

Having been described by a fellow artist as ‘like Laura Marling crossed with Billie Holiday’, Bristol based duo Tamsyn and James, aka Toyface, are a mouth watering proposition for music fans. With a varied collection of 11 songs making up their debut album, the pair have blended an eclectic range of influences that has resulted in an album with strong jazz and cinematic leanings; both playful and plaintive.

The pair’s songwriting process is varied: sometimes involving Tamsyn writing lyrics alongside her own simple structures on guitar; but often times working from a cappellas, which James then lays piano chords underneath. This is clearly a combination that works well and has yielded a crop of songs which are relatable to anybody who has ever found themselves working hard to find a place in the world – a situation most, if not all of us, know well.


The album is set to be exclusively launched in the duo’s home town of Bristol on April 24th, with the album to follow shortly after. The release marks the culmination of a journey that started with a chance meeting on the way back from the Secret Garden Party festival a number of years ago.

Trying to find a way back to Bristol at the end of the festival, Tamsyn managed to find her way onto a truck with a group of revellers heading in that direction. Not long into the journey, an incident on the road left the group stranded for 28 hours waiting for the journey to continue, during which time the group bonded.

The only two people from the group headed to Bristol were Tamsyn and James, whose chance meeting has led to a sibling-like closeness, the formation of Toyface and the debut album ‘Follow the Rules of the Trainwreck’.

The sweet story of serendipity was rounded off at last year’s Secret Garden Party, where – having written to the organisers to tell the tale of how they met – Toyface were able to wow the crowds with their own festival slot.

With a new festival season on the horizon, there will be plenty more chances to see Toyface in the very near future, starting with that album launch gig on April 24th.







Roland Polyak: Little Mullu

Rolly’s Syndicate: Little Mullu


Rollys Syndicate are the Warwickshire based band, that are mixing contemporary blues and soul. They are now set to release a new album for the summer. Working together, Milli aids Roland with moving lyrics, whilst Ro’ brings the guitar backing.

Their music has that open air quality you only reall see in the Jazz genre. With great guitar playing and memorable lyrics, the band congregates together; to make a thoroughly enjoyable collection of moving and expressive tracks.

After a long period of co-operation with the band, Milli could no longer commit to the long term vision of the group. However, in honour of the bands history together, the Roland Syndicate decided to dedicate their debut album to Milli and her lyrical talents.

Fortunately, she happily agreed to collaborate on a short term basis. It’s for this reason that most of the lyrics in the album draw their influence from both the bands everyday life and Milli’s personal journey to this point.

The band has now picked a new vocalist from a selection of more than 30 applicants. Her name is Natalie Brown and the band tells us that she is as good as Milli!

Her background includes being the lead vocalist in the original band, StoneSoulUK from February 2006 to October 2013 (writing and performing mainly original material, as well as cover material). Natalie has also lent her vocal talents to the cover band ‘the Bottle’, whilst studying at university (1997-2000). Ontop of all this she has performed at major west midland venues such as The Yardbird, Victoria Square and The Malthouse.

Natalie Brown’s influences include Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys and Michael Jackson.

Hungarian born, Roland produced the album as part of achieving a degree at Staffordshire University. He has showcased his talents at many different live gigs such as: The Public (West Bromwich), Hare & Hounds (Birmingham), Bulls Head (Birmingham), Mixing Bowl Theatre (Birmingham). Roland said that he has played many live gigs but for him the biggest event was at the Sziget Festival.

On-top of these live shows, the group has also been featured on the ‘BBC Introducing’ series, played on Radio Warwickshire, Airplay & The Musical Journey show (live), Tweets & web mentions (Clay Lowe/SoulCuzer radio presenter), Radio Plus – Airplay & Live Room Session.

Through the years, Milli and Roland have developed a good understanding of the musical influences they wanted to follow, and thus developed a winning musical chemistry. Roland’s professionalism and creativity seemed to work well with Milli adding her soulful tones, as she is not only a talented vocalist, but also an amazing songwriter with a history in Drama and Literature.

Benny (drummer) & Luke (bass player) were both attracted to the the unique mix of Soul, contemporary Blues and a touch of jazzy elements, they both relate to in their own personal musical backgrounds.

Luke, the bass player in the band was born in Leamington Spa in 1992, picking up his first guitar at the age of 11. It was after watching the video of November Rain that Luke’s hobby turned into a lifelong passion. He has played from many names such as the African Kora players to Art rock bands and anyone else that would give him his next step into the starlight. His talent developed quickly due to dedication and his love to the art.

Benny, the band’s drummer, plays several styles including jazz, rock, blues and funk. He played in jazz trios, big bands, rock and punk bands through the years. He has recently played in the Boogie snakes and the Holly Perkins Bands. Making appearances on many different jam sessions around Oxfordshire. Bennys drum kit is a vintage Yamaha kit from 1973, Yamaha Vintage Series snare, Zildjian cymbals with Evans heads. The drummer says that his influencers are Dennis Chambers, Ed Thigpen and Zsolt Mike.

The Unique combination of styles and influences Rolly’s Syndicate produce demonstrates the colourful background of the group members, Roland’s Passion for blues from a Hungarian Background, Beni’s Amazing talent and vast experience playing with various bands and Luke’s alternative veins and passion for Jazz & World Music.

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Buy the Album on iTunes at: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/little-mullu/id881020823

Retort Records aim to shake up the UK music industry

Adventurous Australian label working to break the mould with the help of Quite Great Music PR

Retort LogoBased in Eastern Australia, Retort Records is a new label focussed on one mission statement – to release interesting music with adventurous composition and what they term an ‘Odyssean’ form.

What this means in practice is that they work exclusively with innovative artists who don’t conform to genre stereotypes, creating sprawling, epic pieces of brilliant instrumental music. Not only that, but they also specifically commission artwork from talented artists to create an even more evocative vinyl or digital release, making for a true hub of artistic creativity.

I am interested in the concept of the record label’s role as a curator”, says label runner Oliver Keefe. “Retort Records really fits the more adventurous listener whose taste isn’t confined to style or trend. For this type of listener the abundance of music and its ease of access can be both a blessing and a curse, as there is great music out there that can take ages to find, because it takes time to sift through stuff that either isn’t good quality, or just doesn’t suit your tastes.”

Listening to the eight artists currently in their stable, it quickly becomes clear that Retort Records are true to their word – ignoring obvious, commercially friendly releases in favour of some truly inspiring music by people who work outside the box.


The Artists

A truly eclectic group, Retort Records’ artists work together to create a high quality, hugely varied release schedule. Their current roster of artists includes:


Kashiwa Daisuke

A Jazz infused instrumentalist from Hiroshima, Japan, Kashiwa Daisuke specialises in creating an affecting, ambient electronica sound with nods to more traditional roots/jazz. Since starting work as a solo artist in 2004, he has developed a truly unique sound, with this  treatment of a Ravel classic forming one side of the split 7” with Koby Israelite.

Listen to new single ‘Jazz Pour Une Infante Defunte’ here: https://soundcloud.com/retortpromo/kashiwa-daisuke-jazz-pour-une-infante-defunte


Koby Israelite

A cinematic composer with a love for all genres, multi-instrumentalist Kobe Israelite combines his Easter European roots with his love of rock, classical, jazz, world music and an avant-garde sensibility to create something truly special. Having collaborated with the varied likes of Madonna, John Zorn and Fanfare Ciocărlia , his career has seen him become one of the pre-eminent electro-alternative producers in the world.

Listen to new single ‘Solitude’ here: https://soundcloud.com/retortpromo/solitude



Specialising in the development of new music techniques, Lodsb is a German electronica artist with a classical background. Mixing a host of genres you wouldn’t expect to blend – electronica, techno, classical, EDM – his innovative approach marks him out from his peers.

Listen to a track from his upcoming album ‘Helicon 1’ here: https://soundcloud.com/retortpromo/usedom


Stellar Ink Pony

Another specialist in experimental electronica, Stellar Ink Pony is the artist name of Mikael Stegman. Based in Sweden, Stegman has developed a following with his unique approach – another example of Retort Records unearthing a gem and offering them a platform to continue reaching a wider audience.

Listen to new single ‘One Tiny Memory’ here: https://soundcloud.com/retortpromo/stellar-ink-pony-one-tiny-memory



Composer of brooding, minimal techno music, Xenoscapes creates a dark, atmospheric and compelling sound. With music ‘created from the mechanical creatures and thought processes within the mind of Benny Mcgrigor’, this Australian artist works to straddle the boundary between the prehistoric landscape of his home country and the futuristic aspects of his genre.

Listen to new single ‘Cities from Prehistoric’ here: https://soundcloud.com/retortpromo/xenoscapes-citys-from-prehistoric-teaser


Zen Paradox

Alter ego of another Australian Electronica artist, Steve Law, Zen Paradox is something of a veteran in the field. Based in Melbourne, he warps and works with the structures of techno music to create his own experimental soundscape. With a career that has seen him work with top genre artists throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, Zen Paradox is an experienced musician with a wealth of knowledge.

Listen to new single ‘Magnetosphere’ here: https://soundcloud.com/retortpromo/zen-paradox-magnetosphere-tease


Hadal Drop

The creator of sparse, occasionally beat based psychedelic electronica, Hadal Drop’s ambient textures mix well with his sporadic flirtations with more solid rhythms. Real name Kevin Babbage, he continues Retort Records’ recruitment of Australia’s top electronic talent.

Listen to a track from his upcoming album, ‘Thalassic Pantheon’ here: https://soundcloud.com/retortpromo/hadal-drop-clean-function


Leo Coman

A guitar specialist who weaves traditional guitar sounds and tropes into his more experimental approach, Leo Coman is a composer of atmospheric, ambient pieces built around his instrument of choice.

Listen to new single, ‘Death Rattle Taunt’ here: https://soundcloud.com/retortpromo/leo-coman-death-rattle-taunt-unmastered-edit


With individual releases from many of these artists on the schedule for 2014, it’s set to be a busy year for Retort Records and you’ll be hearing plenty about those releases thanks to a new promotional deal signed with UK PR firm Quite Great.






Phil Collins, Alan Sillitoe and jazz; new album from jazz composer and musician John Aram

John Aram to release single ‘EDT (Envie de Toi)’ on 20th May ahead of album ‘You and I’ to be released on 3rd June. 

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/johnaram/sets/edt-envie-de-toi-new-single


John Aram is a well known name among jazz musicians. He has worked extensively with legends like Tim Garland, Kenny Wheeler and Scott Stroman along with huge names in funk like Bob Babbit and the Funk Brothers Band. In addition, Aram is Musical Director at the International School of Geneva, where he now lives, and also regularly conducts the Swiss Jazz Orchestra.

Probably his closest collaborator is Phil Collins. John worked closely with him on Collins’ album ‘Going Back’ (2010), writing many arrangements, booking musicians, supervising recording and going on tour. Daryl Stuermer, also of Genesis, plays guitar on ‘Stuck on You’ from Aram’s forthcoming album ‘You and I’. Aram and Phil Collins are in fact close friends and Collins has contributed to many of his musical projects over the years.

It is a busy spring period for Aram. Aside from his album (see below) he is also due to release “Saturday Night and Sunday Morning’ Suite’; his ode to Alan Sillitoe’s post war classic novel of the same name, featuring Kenny Wheeler. Aram, hailing from Nottingham like Sillitoe, was in close contact with the author during his writing of the jazz suite in 2010. Tragically, Sillitoe died in the same year just before it was finished so never heard it, as a result Aram decided not to release ‘The Suite’ as a physical disc. He had now taken the decision to release it on vinyl with artwork from Video artist Joss Sessions.

You can listen here: https://soundcloud.com/johnaram/sets/saturday-night-and-sunday

‘You and I’

Aram therefore has a huge wealth of experience in the worlds of jazz and funk, which he has used brilliantly in his new single ‘EDT (Envie de Toi); due to, be released 20th May. The track takes his jazz influences and puts them in a funk / disco context giving the track popular potential beyond its appeal to 70s soul connoisseurs. In has the feeling of a Chic comeback track, a Bruno Mars disco revival number of even of a latter day Michael Jackson. Half way through, however, we get a taste of Aram’s jazz background with a hefty Rhodes solo played by Jason Rebello. It’s a solo reminiscent of Roy Ayers on the vibes or a George Benson guitar solo on one of his funkier numbers.

The rest of ‘You and I’ follows similar themes whilst trying to stretch them in different directions. Very much a concept album, all music is heavily influenced by Stevie Wonder, even down to the artwork used for the album. Tracks like ‘Stronger’ and ‘Stuck on you’ follow the soul disco revival route featuring some brilliant vocals and irresistible solos on each. ‘In the Air’ and ‘You and I’ slow the pace down and move closer to a soul ballad in the mould of Earth, Wind and Fire or even Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. ‘In the Air’ features beautiful vocals from Amy Keys  and from cult Swiss hip-hop artist Rootwords. ‘In the Air’ is particularly close to Aram’s heart as it was written for his wife who was suffering from breast cancer at the time.

There is a great feeling of fun and spontaneity in the album, which reflects the way it was made and thought up in the first place. It wasn’t originally planned at all. Aram and his band were on tour in the UK (London in fact)  and had a gig cancelled so, realising he was still paying them, decided they might as well have some fun and make an album! Not all jazz quintets are this productive. They decided to make music which they loved but didn’t always get a chance to play: funk, soul, Motown, Stevie Wonder, which you will find on the bonus tracks of the album; material Aram had played with Phil Collins before and not had the chance to make himself. The full album did, however, take over a year to complete in recording studios all over the world, from New York to Switzerland, ensuring only the very best musicians were to be featured that fit the style of music that Aram wanted to create.

Website http://www.johnaram.com/

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/johnaram

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JohnAram

YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/johnrogeraram

Jazz quartet Mercury aim to cross over on UK Tour


Mercury (from left to right above): Tom Thorp – Sax / Gavin Barras – Bass / Jim Molyneux – Drums / Daniel Brew – Guitar

Four piece hit the road after 2013 release of self-titled LP

Following the release of their self-titled album in June this year, jazz quartet Mercury are set to take to the road for the final three months of 2013. Hitting major cities across the UK, the four piece are looking to expand on their growing reputation as one of the most diverse jazz acts on the circuit.

With four members who each bring a different range of influences to the table, the sound of the band pushes the genre boundaries more than the usual jazz quartet. Elements of pop, grunge, dubstep and even drum and bass are included to make sure Mercury’s tracks remain versatile while maintaining a solid jazz foundation.

News of their live dates is hotly anticipated by those in the know, as their live set packs quite a punch. So much so that, having only played a couple of decent club gigs, the foursome were invited to play at Manchester Jazz festival. Following their set, representatives from the notorious London jazz venue King’s Place were waiting for them backstage, interested in immediately booking them to play the same stage as countless international acts.

The rest of the tour has been built around that date, and will see them take in cities from their native Manchester all the way to Jersey.

Tour Dates:

31/10 – RNCM, Manchester. (Double Bill/Support gig) Empirical + Mercury

21/11 – The Big Easy, Birmingham

23/11 – Zeffireli’s, Ambleside

05/12 – St James’ Vaults, Bath

06/12 – Colston Hall, Bristol

14/12 – King’s Place, London

18/12 – Benjamin Meakes Theatre (Jersey Arts Centre), St Hellier, Jersey

In the meantime, have a watch of their live performance of ‘Quicksilver’ taken from their self-titled album:





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