Review: Its The ‘Age Of Ghouls’ For Alt-Metal Band Oceans Of Noise





The band Oceans Of Noise released their brand new EP recently, and now, i cant cant stop listening to it, thanks a lot!

All jokes aside, this 5 track opus is fantastically constructed and arranged, with each song containing a life of its own, this EP is sure not to disappoint.

My personal favorite ‘Age Of Ghouls’ is a anthemic and powerful piece that draws elements from bands and acts such as Evanescence, Muse and HIM. Riffs, mixed with melodies, mixed with power, all the ingredients that come together to make a ultimate tune!




So check them out:

Apple Music:










Giving Music To The Fans For Nothing, This Is Anarchy Reigns






Anarchy Reigns, a band with a presence that shake you to your core, especially with front man Hitch taking the the group into a new era of political angst driven tunes.

The brand new track from Anarchy Reigns titled ‘Hypocrisy’, displays a vast dislike for liars, hypocrites and higher powers. The song itself is a attempt to call out all of those who are guilty of believing they are at a higher level than others due to their power and state.

Another piece of good news is that the boys from AR are giving away the track for free, for loyal and enthusiastic fans of their work.

So be sure to check these guys to find out where you can get the track and more about Anarchy Reigns





Broken Islands Are A New Breed Of Music Fused In The Heart Of Canada





Calling all music lovers that get a kick out of brand new, unheard style, with untouched song-writing elements and a bravado fit for the names of the biggest and best caliber.

The group ‘Broken Islands‘ are making the rounds as the newest shining band to come out out Vancouver, Canada. Made up up highly skilled musicians. The band itself is made up of guitarist Will MacDonald; guitarist Kurtis Sheldan (alternating lead and rhythm duties between them); Stephen Cameron on bass; Ty Badali on drums; keyboardist Rachel Ashmore and singer, Rachelle Boily, who’s power and presence serve as a great leading force for this ensemble.


They have been hard at work, and for any who don’t believe me, maybe you should take a listen to their brand new full length album titled WARS’, which is out now, so be sure to check them out:








Taking The World On With Harmonica In Hand, The Nave Blues Are Here






Hauntingly real, spooky, diverse and rockin’! Nave Blues are really making the path clear for a new era of blues rock.

The boys behind the blues, are led by Nave Pundik, lead vocalist and harmonica player. With the inclusion of guitar, bass and drums, Nave Blues’ eclectic mix makes them a formidable force, who’s deep, emotional, yet endearing music has reached new heights with brand new album ‘TheNaveBlues’.



Brand new tracks such as ‘Ghost Collector’, ‘Thank You’ and ‘Sittin’ On Top of the World’ will all feature on the new full album, which you can be sure not to miss.


Host Vanbot’s new album “Perfect Storm”

**** The Times – “The kind of impassively thrilling synth-pop that should have her local rivals crying into their catsuits with envy” 

The Guardian – “Why are Swedish female pop stars always so brilliant?…”  

Interview Magazine – “haunting”

Stereogum – “conjures a feeling similar to Shura’s intimate, sad-eyed pop jams and blasts it out to M83’s widescreen proportions, and in doing so it accomplishes something special”

Stockholm melody master Vanbot has released her new album Perfect Stormdrawing support from The Times (**** review), The Sunday Times, Stereogum, Nylon, The Guardian, Pop Justice, Interview Magazine and MTV. The Johannes Berglund (The Knife, I Break Horses) produced & mixed record sees Vanbot embark on a darker and more evocative spectrum than previous outings.

Shelving a virtually complete album in 2013 after a creative breakdown, Vanbot (real name Ester Ideskog) began anew and vowed to lean away from musical norm in search of a greater bite and growl. Despite the change in direction, Vanbot still thrives on the same DIY spirit and never ending enthusiasm for crafting unstoppable pop. The result is one of the strongest pop albums of the year so far, where every song has great single potential, whilst the complete listen takes one on a unique journey.

Heavy album on the way from Deadly Circus Fire: ‘The Hydra’s Tailor’

12 track album due on June 16th through Musicarchy Media

Described by Metal Hammer as “one of the most imaginative and formidable” heavy rock bands currently plying their trade, Deadly Circus Fire are a London based band who thrive on getting stronger and stronger in their battle with the mainstream. Their sound has been compared to the likes of Tool, Mastodon and the Deftones, mixing heavy guitar rock with melodious moments to create something special.

PRimageIt takes something special to turn heads at publications like Metal Hammer, who nominated them at Bloodstock Festival 2011 for ‘Best Upcoming Band’. Meanwhile, Classic Rock described Deadly Circus Fire as “one of the most striking young prog metal bands to come on the scene in the past couple of years”. For a taste of what Deadly Circus Fire are all about, here’s the video for album track ‘House of Plagues’:

It’s clear that Deadly Circus Fire are a band with the genuine potential to make a mark on the metal music scene. They’ve already supported huge cult band Skindred on a European tour, counting it among their career highlights so far, while Skindred vocalist Benji Webbe has said he’d like to collaborate with them in the future.

Deadly Circus Fire also previously caused quite a stir by performing in zombie clown make up, inkeeping with their creepy moniker – itself inspired by a true life event in 1944 which claimed the lives of 200 people and injured more than 700.

In time though, the music of Deadly Circus Fire has evolved to speak for itself, making a huge impact both live and in the studio without the need for such on stage histrionics.

For more on the album, check out the video and full album review link below.

Album Promo Video:


By Definition single ‘Warrior’ due early June, following ‘The Concerns of Mortal Man’ LP (May 26th)

Brighton metalheads offer their first releases since debut EP ‘Over Clocked, Under Threat’.

Having played Hard Rock Festival in Ibiza, and with giants like Black Label Society and Black Stone Cherry, five piece By Definition are really starting to get the recognition they deserve.

No strangers to the heavy rock bear pit they create with their live shows, their sets are notorious for their energy and originality. With an eye-catching front man described as ‘cool as sh*t’ by Underground Reviews, one memorable show in Holland also saw guitarist Rob smash two of his guitars within 30 minutes…

Single ‘Warrior’ is a stomping, anthemic track driven by a hard, chugging melody reminiscent of the aformentioned Black Stone Cherry. Officially released early June, you can take a listen on SoundCloud:

The new album, ‘The Concerns of Mortal Men’, was born from a new found self-assurance the band have recently found in their sound.

Frontman Si puts it less subtly: “We don’t give a shit what people think anymore”.

‘The Concerns of Mortal Men’ finds the band trying to bridge the gap between rock and metal whilst taking influences from hip-hop rhythms and technical inspirations from electronic music. Their biggest project to date, they have brought in Alan Douches (Motorhead, The Defiled Cannibal Corpse, Black Dahlia Murder) to master the album.

Beyond making great music, having an original live set and developing a strong following, By Definition are not your every day rock band. All self-confessed comic book geeks, Dan has a degree in theatre writing while Rob (guitar) produces electronic music in his spare time. Meanwhile, Si (vocals) has a passion for loose leaf tea – a hobby which once got him stopped at customs while they analysed a stash of green brown leaves he had with him…

‘The Concerns of Mortal Man’ LP is out May 26th, followed by single ‘Warrior’ in early June.

Press quotes:

Black Label Society styled, whiskey soaked, dirty rock”.
Rock Sound

“Straight-forward, heavy-hitting and down right filthy. Each song shit-kicks you with punishing riffage, bombastic drumming and a whiskey-swilling attitude”.
Heavy Planet

“Best described as the 30 year old you’re not entirely sure you invited to your party, who has drunk all the beer…You may not have invited him, but frankly, he doesn’t care and you kind of want to get to know him anyway…”
Noise Addiction

Tour dates:

26th May – Sticky Mikes – Brighton

28th May – Bar 42 – Worthing

30th May – The Hermit Club – Brentwood

31st May – Asylum – Hereford

3rd June – Bull & Vic – Dartford


Neuronspoiler ‘Take the Stage’ In New Release!

Taken from their most recent album Emergence (2013) the single was created by the then newest member of the band, Dave Shirman. He came up with all of the music for this track almost entirely as it appears on the album and JR wrote the lyrics and melodies in a matter of days.

Listen to the track here:

Neuronspoiler website:

Neuronspoiler have recently massively gained in popularity having been praised by the likes of Herman Li (Dragonforce), Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) and Dennis Stratton (ex-Iron Maiden) who actually said he wanted to break David del Cid’s fingers because he would put him out of a job!

The legendary rock and metal journalist Malcolm Dome has also praised the band, he recently put them in a list of bands which could transform your life in the next 12 months, and said of them that “they can really play” and that “there are truly rich passages of guitar interplay” in their music.

Lyrically ‘Take the Stage’ is about the desire to perform on stage and the fact that the band feel most at home on in front of a crowd. It relates to their love of live music and the fact that they revel in the energy created by a pumped up crowd at a gig.  In their own words it represents “the desire to achieve something greater than the ordinary…be cast in the starring role in your own life and to inhabit the special moment when you’re doing what you love”.

They are already well known around Europe: in the past 3 years they have headlined at the Summer Fall Festival in Poland and at the 02 Academy, they have also played at Hard Rock Hell in Ibiza and Camden Underworld. As a result of their international fame they regularly get fans travelling to see them from countries like Poland and Austria.

Neuronspoiler have also played with some massive acts in the world of metal such as Wolf, the Quireboys, Dennis Stratton (ex-Iron Maiden) and Metal Works (featuring Richie Faulkner of Judas Priest).

A particularly interesting aspect of the band is their approach to music and technology. Like any top notch musicians they are, by their own admission, fairly obsessed with music. JR (vocals), David del Cid (guitar), Tim Barclay (drums), Erick Tekilla (bass) and Dave Shirman (guitar) are all interested in intellectual pursuits like philosophy, history, science, social justice and technology. Shirman in fact recently released an iPhone app called ‘Metal Venue Guide’ that lists metal venues around the world – for the dedicated fan.

Get some more info on Neuronspoiler here:







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