Review: Its The ‘Age Of Ghouls’ For Alt-Metal Band Oceans Of Noise





The band Oceans Of Noise released their brand new EP recently, and now, i cant cant stop listening to it, thanks a lot!

All jokes aside, this 5 track opus is fantastically constructed and arranged, with each song containing a life of its own, this EP is sure not to disappoint.

My personal favorite ‘Age Of Ghouls’ is a anthemic and powerful piece that draws elements from bands and acts such as Evanescence, Muse and HIM. Riffs, mixed with melodies, mixed with power, all the ingredients that come together to make a ultimate tune!




So check them out:

Apple Music:










Broken Islands Are A New Breed Of Music Fused In The Heart Of Canada





Calling all music lovers that get a kick out of brand new, unheard style, with untouched song-writing elements and a bravado fit for the names of the biggest and best caliber.

The group ‘Broken Islands‘ are making the rounds as the newest shining band to come out out Vancouver, Canada. Made up up highly skilled musicians. The band itself is made up of guitarist Will MacDonald; guitarist Kurtis Sheldan (alternating lead and rhythm duties between them); Stephen Cameron on bass; Ty Badali on drums; keyboardist Rachel Ashmore and singer, Rachelle Boily, who’s power and presence serve as a great leading force for this ensemble.


They have been hard at work, and for any who don’t believe me, maybe you should take a listen to their brand new full length album titled WARS’, which is out now, so be sure to check them out:








Wartoad’s Cover Of ‘Merry Chrsitmas Everybody’ Gets Us In The Festive Mood


With an attitude not to dissimilar to the Pistols, and a style not too far away from Toy Dolls, Punk-rock super group ‘Wartoad’ are greeting the holidays with their energetic cover of Slade’s ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’.

Made up of a mix of professional musicians who have played with bands/artists such as Pearl Jam, Neil Young and Roger Waters, making the team even more special.




The large number of members include Al Dijon(Organ, Mellotron, Drums, Vocals), Butch Dante(Guitar, Vocals, Whistle), Calvin Voltz(Guitar, Bass, Drums, Kalimba, Vocals), Charlie Danielson(Bass, Vocals, Guitar), Diego Fontana(Drums, Vocals), Hal McNulty(Vocals, Bass, Guitar), Kip Larson(Drums, Vocals), Nigel Stevens(Vocals), Tony “Terk” Downing(Drums). So no need to worry about a shortage of talent.

So with the festive season in full swing, be sure to add this cheery instalment to your ultimate X-mas Playlist.







A Welcome Short Sharp Scratch from Jak Chantler


If you can expect quality new music from anyone today, Jak Chantler is certainly someone you can trust. Cutting his teeth in the alt-grunge band ‘Kingskin’ and tipped as Kerrang’s “best new unsigned band”, Chantler is changing his musical direction and the change is more than welcome.

His new single ‘Shell Suit’, crafted by him and producer George Shilling is a joyous dance through a world of sunlight and soul that calls on the old school funk vibes of Chic and Chaka Khan. The groove and feel of the song is undeniable and the lyrics talk of love and life in a nuanced and poetic manner that will tug at the heartstrings of any human being that knows what it is to dive head first into love.

As the ultimate combination of songwriter/producer, Jak is perceptively aware of the current trends in this contemporary age of music where there is so much choice. The new project seemingly has no limits as he aims to meet the demands of the savvy modern day listener.

More on Jak and Short Sharp Scratch here!



WSTR – Featherweight

Don’t forget to catch WSTR supporting Seaway at the following:


24 Southampton Joiners
25 Bristol Fleece
26 Leeds Key Club
27 Glasgow Stereo
29 O2 Academy2 Newcastle
30 Manchester Sound Control
31 Nottingham Rock City Basement


1 Norwich Epic Studios
2 O2 Academy3 Birmingham
3 London Underworld

Crazy Fenton ready to release ‘Cool Ella’ new single

Rock single to be released on June 22nd

Crazy Fenton is the musical brainchild of songwriter Clive Aliker – a Norfolk based artist who is a big fan of making a good old fashioned ruckus. With influences from 60s garage rock and 70s punk all the way through to the modern day, Crazy Fenton is the work of a veteran musician who certainly knows how to rattle out a top tune.


Having worked with renowned producer Dave Allen (The Cure, Human League, Chameleons) to arrive at an energetic studio style, the new single ‘Cool Ella’ is set for release on June 22nd. High energy and built on a foundation of distorted guitars and pounding drums, this is one for fans of the classics.

With lyrics inspired – in Clive Aliker’s own words – by ‘deaths,mental failings,and a complete inability to understand the female species’, these are songs that listeners can’t fail to relate to.

And in ‘Cool Ella’, Crazy Fenton has picked out one hell of an entrance.


Yeti Love new single – ‘Lonely Road’ to hit the road June 15th


The pair have labelled their unique combination as ‘alt-rogue-folk-rock’, which is as fitting a description as any. Based in South London, they have been playing together since 2012 and ‘Lonely Road’ is the latest fruit of their labours.

In the years since their foundation, Yeti Love have been slowly building in following an momentum thanks to their thoughtful songwriting and eye catching live show, which has earned them some great online press for their work up until this point. The buzz is building, and in ‘Lonely Road’ they have the right vehicle to continue on that journey.

New single, ‘Lonely Road’, is set for release on June 15th, and you can hear it here:

Named thanks to enduring love/fear of the vaunted mythical creature, Yeti Love is the musical moniker of songwriters Peter Hamilton and Dave Sears – a folk duo who view the genre as this generation’s punk music, able to articulate about issues and press all the right buttons in all the wrong places.

Hamilton is also influenced by his own ancestry, being half Spanish and, at a young age, falling in love with the folk traditions of home town Galicia. Having started out as a drummer before expanding his own musical horizons, his love of rhythm was informed by this specific branch of celtic roots music. Married to Sears’ intricate, multi-instrumental approach, the result is a hybrid sound unlike any other act on the circuit today.


Johnny Hoffman and the Residents

With the release of their first album, ‘Welcome to Everott’, last summer (2013) Washington based punk group Johnny Hoffman and the Residents (JHOFF) are gaining a lot of attention. Despite their growing recognition by the likes of MTV and Warped Magazine relatively little is known about the two-piece band – until now!

They both come from relatively fraught backgrounds having experiences of loss and tragedy from a young age. Joe lost his big sister to a drug overdose when he was young losing a best friend and a role model as someone who influenced a lot of his music and writing. The Name “Johnny Hoffman” is in honour of John Hoffman, a late great uncle of Joe’s who was also lost around the same time.

These losses have allowed JHOFF to deal with some difficult emotions which only adds to the strength, sincerity and rawness of their music. They recorded Drug Hotel, Tracy Girl, Inner City on a digital 16 track Roland recording system in the upstairs bedroom of Joe’s Dad’s house. Their lo-fi sound comes from the techniques they used to record in boxing up an old Peavey amp in a cardboard box with high gain and mic’ing it up from the outside.

“Most of the time we relied on instinct and intuition to guide where the songs should go next. Basically flying by the seat of our pants, recording every noise, rattle and hiss that made the hair stand on the back of our necks”.

Their inspirations at the time of writing and recording were Queens of the Stone Age, White Stripes, The Pixies, Captain Beefheart and The Beatles. But they are also very involved with the local hardcore punk scene working with and being influenced by bands from various spots around the Washington area.

“We express a very particular groove native to our area and can never be replicated due to the struggle and life lived behind each song”.

Joe also runs an all age’s underground venue, called The Creative’s Underground, in the building where they live where they get various performers from the Northwest to perform.

Drugs have also influenced them to some extent: “We have also had our fair share of experience with psychedelics, that we believe open up the flood gates to a synchronicity in writing new music.” They are not short of a few weird tales: “Black Sabbath, strobe lights and standing out in the rain with our brains oozing…we have seen vinyl album covers talking to us and been lost in a large wooden play structure…”

‘Leather Face’ is a track taken from their latest album. You can watch the video here:

Want to hear more? Check out ‘Han Solo’ taken from their previous release ‘Knuckle Deep’:

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