JohnLikeJohn’s ‘Vegans Are Evil Too’ Will Resonate With The Avante Garde Folk Music Lover In All Of Us




With his soft and tender music style, JohnLikeJohn will grab you by the hand and take you to a dimension full of interesting and vibrant beings, and he’s one step closer with the upcoming release of his brand new EP, ‘Vegans Are Evil Too’.

JohnLikeJohn has been compared to greats such as Tom Waits, Robert Wyatt and the fantastic Joanna Newsom, which fits the gloomy yet slightly satirical style JohnLikeJohn writes with.

Bringing in elements from all of his favourite artists such as Divine David and The Velvet Underground, he is able to create brand new sounds and a unique. The new EP provides an insight into the intricately constructed mind that JohnLikeJohn writes with, appearing as an innocent, polite guy, Johns real emotion lies within his music, which you can clearly hear in songs such as ‘I Am Scared Too’ and ‘Vegans Are Evil Too’.

Be sure to check him out:




Black Metal – Your New Favourite Genre?

My Top 5 Black Metal Bands

Since we’ve been listening to Homerik all this week, it’s been hard to get black metal off the mind. Here is a quick list of some of the best bands of the genre that we recommend!

Carach Angren

If vast, orchestral arrangements, and lyrics about anything and everything dark and demonic are your thing then Carach Angren is the band for you! Very popular with the more hard core fans of the genre as well.


Eclectic, melodic band from Finland. Their track For Thirteen Moons is a real journey through music, combining delicate acoustic finger picking with vast, sweeping guitar parts and gut wrenching vocals. Definitely on the more melodic side of the fence.

Dimmu Borgir

One of Norways better known bands, Dimmu Borgir have been blazing the black metal trail for a long time now. Less orchestral with their arrangements than Carach Angren and leaning more towards the power metal side of things.


Less commercially successful than some of the other bands on this list, their sound is a lot more raw and to the point. Epic breakdowns, drumming and riffs that will blow your mind.


German black metal veterans Nachtblut have one of the most distinctive sounds of the genre. Hints of German folk decorate the hard, chugging guitars giving Nachtblut a very melodic sound. The breakdowns in Lied Für die Götter are not to be missed either!


Kalibé Look to the Moon for Inspiration on Latest Album

The title of world music collective Kalibe’s latest release is also the name of its lead protagonist, India, whose name, romantically, translates into English as India Mae of the Moon. Spiritual in the very strictest sense of the phrase, India and the assorted musicians have looked to nature for their inspiration and the collection of songs they have delivered are the perfect antidote to your everyday stresses and worries.

This is all the more remarkable as not a word is in English. Their album is mainly in Portuguese, even though there are songs and bits in traditional dialects. Mae da Lua has been investigating tribal dialects for many years and can speak quite a few.

For example the song “Punu-Punu” is in the native language used by the Kamayuras tribe (from the Amazonian basin); in the song “Poção Musistica” there are parts in Tupi-Guarani (from the Amazon region) and also in Sanskrit and Hebrew.

Their first album was recorded n Burkina Faso, where, apart from colonial French, there are many dialects instead of a common language. This fact is reflected in their songs: there are 3 main dialects: Djoula, Morè and Poule – other parts are in French and one song is in the Sicilian dialect, which differs considerable from standard Italian. With their next album to be sung in Spanish, Arabic, Indian and French, it’s impressive that their work is so easy to connect to, despite the languages used being so varied and alien to many ears. Highly recommended.






A Present From The UK To Japan: The Sweet Sounds Of Julia Mascetti


From an early age, Julia knew she was a keen enthusiast for Japan and Japanese culture, and from this she learned of certain scenes that were scattered throughout the UK.

Originally playing for fun, Julia’s love for the Harp soon grew until she found herself playing at large anime conventions, to then studying Music at the University of Leeds, which finally led to a position as the Principal Harpist in the University orchestra.




In 2015, she then moved to Japan, and now resides there, spending her time as a freelance Harp player, as well as writing for Japanese blogs which explore the feelings you experience when far away from home and the ones you love. “In keeping with the theme of ‘distance’ the harp parts for the EP were recorded during a visit home to the UK but the shamisen parts were recorded in Tokyo” explains Julia.



Her brand new EP, ‘In Distance, Everything Is Poetry’, is out on the 10th November of this year.






Antonio Domingos, the Pianist Fighting Back

Antonio Domingos, lost everything. From having European orchestras inviting him to perform with them as a soloist; a new pad in a European capital on offer, to having it all crash down around him. His childhood dream was suddenly so far away. But he wasn’t going to accept that. Domingos is today recognised by Guinness Book of World Records for having achieved the most piano key hits in one minute (on one key).

Antiono’s world breaking performance can be seen here:

After a history of corruption, jealousy, and nepotism. He realised he can overcome it. He had something that could beat ‘every single pianist in the world’ at something that can be measured and recorded. Speed and endurance in piano playing. He fought to prove that he is not a pianist that can be forgotten. He has his own style and his own place in the world of music and he will continue to fight for his right to perfom.

Nej!Las have supplied us with the much welcomed assurance that house music is making a comeback. Their heavy techno sound demonstrated in their two-track EP, with Washout and Fini, becomes entrancing, the more you listen the more you get sucked into the futuristic, cyber world they create. These are exactly the tracks clubs need to get everyone moving.


The artist and producer spent time in Detroit and Chicago, taking some obvious and making it their own. Some of the influences include: Flying Lotus; Boards of Canada, Thomas Bangalter, John Carpenter and tomandandy. All combined to make a techno beat that keeps you on your toes, taking you with the ebbing flow of the music


Even beyond the music, Nej!Las isn’t your everyday artist, founding her own charity which has already delivered $2.5 million aid across devastated areas of the Middle East, as well as creating her music in eight different cities across two countries. She goes above and beyond what would be expected of her. But what would you expect from this mysterious yet thrilling electro genius?

Neethusha: The New Ballad Queen?

Neethusha, a singer-songwriter from Kerala, South India is making waves with her new single ‘Why Did I Lose You’ and it’s getting pretty difficult to hold back the tears. For years Neethusha fought against her conservative surroundings to pursue a career in her life long passion of music and thank the heavens she did!

Neethusa learnt her craft singing in the band Stereogrind in her hometown on Kerala, and was featured on Kappa TV. Furthermore, she also performed at the Facebook India Show and Femina Style Diva in 2015, garnering her a lot of solid experience and exposure and proving to the world she really is willing to work hard to get what she wants.

With essence of Coldplay and Savage Garden, ‘Why Did I Lose You’ is a real tear jerker of a ballad about heartbreak and self reconciliation. Beautiful acoustic guitar gently opens the track, building subtly layer by layer into a emotive, smooth as butter arrangement with string parts and piano lines weaving in and out of eachother. Her vocal delivery is flawless as well, reminiscent of greats like Shania Twain and Celine Dion and performed with an honesty and vulnerability that is seldom heard these days in a world of overproduced, plastic pop. Neethusa is definitely one to watch and her captivating, culturally diverse sound should most definitely stand the test of time!

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A Welcome Short Sharp Scratch from Jak Chantler


If you can expect quality new music from anyone today, Jak Chantler is certainly someone you can trust. Cutting his teeth in the alt-grunge band ‘Kingskin’ and tipped as Kerrang’s “best new unsigned band”, Chantler is changing his musical direction and the change is more than welcome.

His new single ‘Shell Suit’, crafted by him and producer George Shilling is a joyous dance through a world of sunlight and soul that calls on the old school funk vibes of Chic and Chaka Khan. The groove and feel of the song is undeniable and the lyrics talk of love and life in a nuanced and poetic manner that will tug at the heartstrings of any human being that knows what it is to dive head first into love.

As the ultimate combination of songwriter/producer, Jak is perceptively aware of the current trends in this contemporary age of music where there is so much choice. The new project seemingly has no limits as he aims to meet the demands of the savvy modern day listener.

More on Jak and Short Sharp Scratch here!



Roger Rudenstein Vs The World

As a musical style, opera has never stinted on sex, murder and shady goings-on, despite the stern image it forever seems to be struggling to shake off. The prolific American composer, Roger Rudenstein is certainly playing his part in re-inventing opera as a provocative art-form, whilst keen to uphold the European musical stylings in which it is soaked.

Roger has certainly not held back with his take on international politics. His expansive “Nightmare of Reason” work (named, no doubt, after the Goya painting) covers post-9/11 America under George W. Bush, and uses a technique which appears throughout much of his recent work – utilising words used by the subject verbatim – in this case, Bush’s 2005 State of the Union address.

Bringing us up to date is Roger’s take on the current resident at the White House: titled the “Rise and Fall of Ronald P. Glumpf”, the multi-part opera follows the journey of Glumpf (best to keep the lawyers out of it) from his campaign to become president to the imminent second instalment, due to appear online any day now. Also approaching completion is a trio for viola, piano and clarinet, though while you’re waiting for those, we recommend you investigate his operatic interpretation of the surprisingly bawdy literary classic, Ulysses by James Joyce. In keeping with his reportage style, Joyce’s actual text is used.

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