The Korvids set to release self-titled album

The Korvids is the musical vehicle of Gordy Goudie and James Grant, the latter of whom you may recognise from 80s band, Love and Money, the ‘group who never were.’

Championing a retro sound based on the ethics of funk, soul and disco, The Korvids are creating an up-to-date form of an older sound that many will be glad to see come round again. ‘Bad Faith’ from the Korvids new self-title album exhibits a catchy dance-floor groover that those of the slightly older generation are sure to appreciate. However, it would be rude to insinuate that their music is simply for older people, as this is not the case. Within the new album, the Korvids express an experimental side too, exploring a number of electronic soundscapes that may just appeal to younger listeners.

After the success of their debut release ‘Beach Coma’, which was picked up by Sirius US radio and remixed by Balaeric legend Jose Padilla, the duo released ‘Bad Faith’, a beauteous cut of late 70s disco remixed by Love and Money and Steely Dan’s producer, Gary Katz.

The Korvids is out 28th April.



Tsunami Section and the disco-inspired ‘Keep My Spinning Wheel’

Tsunami Section are bringing a retro-wave of disco fuelled music into the modern day with their debut single, ‘Keep My Spinning Wheel’.

The track, written by Oliver Fell-Holden, has been brought to life by the dynamic duo of Felicia Singson and Anna Chiara of Tsunami Section.

Those wishing to reminisce their disco-dancing days are sure to find a connection with the girls’ super-catchy track, whilst modern pop fans will be drawn to its powerful and unrelenting beat that digs straight to the part of you wanting to get your groove on.

Exploring the intriguing theme of karma and how you can always overcome it, the pop track comes from an original angle whilst still championing a killer hook and stunning vocals.



Sare Havlicek re-visits the early 1980’s with new single ‘Don’t You Even Try’ (ft. AJ Lewis)

Single is released 27th January 2014 as digital download and physical CD

One of the finest disco producers on the scene, Sare Havlicek has forged a swift path to the top of the dance world since deciding to work full time on his music in 2008. Having worked with some of the top names in the industry – including mixes for Kraftwerk and Human League as well as co-producing the acclaimed comeback album of new romantic legends Visage – Sare is now ready to focus on his solo efforts with new single ‘Don’t You Even Try’.

With its erotic undertone, smooth harmonies, funk elements and layered strings over a thumping bassline, the single is designed as a tribute to the late 1970’s – early 1980’s dance music. It’s stacked with disco riffs, funk-pop elements, and shares DNA with the re-born sound of Daft Punk’s latest offerings.

The full release will come packaged with four re-mixes, all drawing on different areas of the genre and showing different aspects of Sare’s personality and talent.

It’s a varied approach that has already won him friends in high places, with two songs included in Pete Tong’s Essential mixes on Radio1, as well as a spot on a couple of Hed Kandi compilations.

Now, with his new single due early in the new year, Sare Havlicek is aiming to make 2014 his own.


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