Slumberjack LP Review

Out of the U.S state of Florida come Slumberjack, a rock duo (Andrew Kelly and Dave Hanson), whose blend of raw and rowdy rock music with lingering somber melodies return with their debut LP, ‘Oddly Calm,’ after their debut EP, ‘Black Lodge,’ which was well received, and introduced their sound to a growing number of fans.

While being influenced by other rock outfits such as Pile and Colour Revolt they have maintained their distinct sound of powerful whisky drenched vocals, driving beats, lush melodies, and some nifty guitar work thrown in too – it is hard to believe that there is only two of them. There are some strong tracks on the LP. Ones that stand out are ‘Progression of a Chia Pet,’ which grows on you with each listen, and ‘People Eat Everything,’ with its charming lyrics and rich melody. For rock music fans, this is a must listen to, definitely not to be missed.


They’ve just come off of an eastern U.S tour and are about to hit the roads again with their ‘Oddly Calm’ tour. While the new LP is being distributed worldwide through Sony Records / The Orchard right now.

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The power of instrumental music

When you hear someone mention ‘instrumental music’, you often think of classical, where the actual instruments are doing the speaking. Although this may have some negative connotations for some naive modern listeners, this is exactly the agenda that ambient rock band, The Outside Illusion, are pushing forward.

Releasing their new instrumental album, Silent Communication, on the 20th May, the band aim to speak to a wider audience of listeners with their emotive rock stylings.

Lead guitarist, Denis Salgado, believes that his guitar can speak just as much as any singer can with words, and this is the aesthetic that drives their music. Denis’ expert fret-work wails and screams, just like any voice might. After all, the voice is an instrument too.

Consequently, The Outside Illusion create an accessible brand of guitar led music, that isn’t just for the guitarists out there; Silent Communication is a highly listenable album, embellished with an electro-ambient edge, meaning that this is moving and emotion-fuelled music for the masses, not the few.

Check out the video for the single ‘Silent Communication’ here:




Global talent contest hunts for new megastar songwriter: ‘Do I Have A Hit Song?’

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New cable TV and online show where it’s all about the song

Brand new and heading to screens next year, ‘Do I Have A Hit Song’ is a television talent search with a difference.  Available on cable TV in the US and to a worldwide audience online, the show is looking not for style, but for substance. Many current talent shows cover other people’s songs to find a new singing star, but ‘Do I Have A Hit Song?’ looks beneath the surface and searches for the best songwriters.

The winning act at the end of the series will see their submission professionally recorded and produced by Musik and Film, before it’s released worldwide and supported by international radio promotion, video promotion and full physical and digital distribution.

The winner will also have the full support of – the online channel which shows the programme and has over 800,000 members in its network – including a spotlight ‘Spotlight Segment’ and ‘Artist Feature’ on the site for the full month following the end of the contest.

And that’s not all. Also on offer is a beautiful custom Montarado made acoustic guitar worth $10,500, plus a custom made Toneville amp worth $2,000 – plus official endorsements from both companies!

Second and third place artists won’t go home empty handed either, and will have the chance to release and promote their own songs, including a full PR campaign, through Musik Radio Promotions. 2nd place will also win a guitar – a Montarado TimberKaster custom made electric guitar worth $5,500.

In addition to these winners, there will also be a variety of perks offered to other deserving songwriters such as:  One songwriter/artist will win an opening slot with a major touring artist of your genre. Performance of the song will be considered for this special prize. Publishing deals will be offered to some artists at the producers’ discretion.

A global contest, artists can submit their video to where site visitors can watch and vote for their favourites. Voting for episode 3 is currently open until January second, and artists can still submit their new songs for upcoming episodes (video or mp3 format) –simply check the site for details. All it takes to upload a video is a one off fee of $30 to enter the competition, then artists can let the general public decide if they do, indeed, have a hit song.

The show gives artists unique opportunities to publicise their music and get it distributed to the world, and with more and more television viewers migrating to online services, the number of potential viewers only looks set to rise further.

For a complete explanation of how it all works, here’s the show’s presenter, Drew Copeland of band Sister Hazel:

Drew, who had a number one US hit himself with Sister Hazel, is available for interviews about ‘Do I Have a Hit Song?’, as is Eliot Sloan – founder of Blessid Union of Souls who had hits with ‘I Believe’ and ‘Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me), and also involved with the production of the show.

Other supporters of the show, pleased to endorse a format looking for long term talent as opposed to simply a good vocalist, include Darius Rucker (Hootie and the Blowfish), Javier Colon (winner of ‘The Voice’ in the US in 2011), Terry Nails (Ozzy Osbourne) and songwriter Edwin McCain. It’s an impressive roll call, with the show even attracting attention outside the music industry. ESPN anchorman  Stuart Scott and golfer Chris Dimarco are among the many people excited to see the new music that comes through the programme.

So far in the series, excellent songwriter Ashley Baker has won the first episode to go through to the next stage.  The winners of the online vote are set to be announced shortly for episode 2 which will be filmed on January 9th and will be broadcast on January 20th 2015. Episode 2 will have a special guest co-host , 80s hit writer Tommy Tutone . As mentioned previously, voting is currently open for episode 3, and further entries for the series are being taken – simply visit and have a recording (video or mp3) of your song available to submit.



Welcome to the new single from Suburban Myth

Sub Myth

Suburban Myth Welcome you to take a listen to their new Single!

Welcome (If Only) which will be released July 28th, is the latest single from Suburban Myth with the album of the same name following the single release on August 11th.

You can listen to their single here >‘Welcome’

Over a four year period the partnership and friendship of Phil and Derek grew stronger to the point where Derek relocated from New York to Charleston, South Carolina, where Suburban Myth was formed and one part of the journey was complete. Songs were starting to be written at a rapid pace, with over 40 songs composed it was time to release “Plastic Souls” Suburban Myths EP. A six track compilation that received great reviews with the single “River of life” which saw a good deal of media attention, reaching No.3 in the Reverbnation charts in South Carolina. Following on from that success, they created ‘Can you help me find my Christmas’, which received air time on BBC radio.

“This outfit have a tasty way with a trad-indie-alt-rock tune and there’s a rising taste for this sort of thing in the face of the deluge of hideously cheesy dance-pop…”
Thomas H Green – Daily Telegraph/Arts Desk/Mixmag/Napster

“They are the kind of band you’ll be lucky enough to see up close and personal in a small venue, as a growing name… Until they hit the mega bucks, and they’ll be headlining festivals before you know it.”
Suzie Kidger – News Reviews

“…With sing-a-long melodies, conventional structures and a radio friendly quality, there’s little to stop this band becoming a household name in time to come… Heavily influenced by those who have profited from the Goo Goo Dolls, Seether and Matchbox 20 sound, their music is marketable…”
Damian Burke – Doughnut Magazine


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Space Elevator are Ready for Take off!

“We Will Rock You” closes on 31st May, so What now for the stars of the show?

After 12 Years on the West End, the hugely popular show, ‘We will rock you’ will be closing for the final time.

Although with 4500 performances and 6.6 million tickets sold across 12 years, what will the musicians do now?


Some of the Shows musicians have formed a new band called Space Elevator, playing the same type of rock music and unlike the iPlanet, no musical instruments are banned.

Space Elevator

Members from the new band, Space Elevator are asked about the show and their aspirations

When asked why Queen and Ben Elton’s show was such a success, they believe it is simply the Music.

“This is universally known and loved, Queen have so many hits that we would defy almost anyone even almost 30 years after the original four last played live not to know 90% of the Show. The music is loud and the audience gets swept away every night and at the end it’s like being at a rock concert, with the chance to stand up, stomp and clap and go nuts. Queen wrote songs that speak to all classes, all generations. They write songs to be sung on football terraces and also on the West End stage. Every member of Queen has written a top 10 hit.  Such a vast catalogue of instantly catchy accessible music! The lyrics are witty and poignant and uplifting. The band in the show sounds so incredible that you get carried away with nostalgia and enthusiasm. Even though most of the vocals sound “musical theatre” the actual band sounds totally authentic and rocking like a Queen concert and that’s why it works. Also it shows great respect to Freddie’s memory. He was the greatest frontman ever and this is acknowledged in the story”.

Space Elevator consist of guitarist David Young (We Will Rock You/Curved Air), Elliott Ware (The Who/Rock of Ages/We Will Rock You/Sunny Afternoon) on keys, Neil Murray (Whitesnake/Black Sabbath/Gary Moore/The Brian May Band, We Will Rock You) on bass and Brian Greene (George Benson/Curved Air) on drums along with mysterious lead singer “The Duchess”.

Space Elevator CD is out now – from Amazon, HMV and all good record shops. Cat No SECD1

Musicians/singers are available for interview


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